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There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing how solid wood furniture gets damaged during a move. We value our relics out of solid wood for their beauty and for the story they bring with them. Therefore, the best we can do when moving them is to hire one of the moving companies Brooklyn. But, if you still want to take care of it yourself, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for packing wooden furniture to help you with your upcoming move.

Take an inventory before packing wooden furniture

  • Make a list of the wooden furniture that you plan to move so that you can plan it correctly and give enough time to disassemble and prepare it.
  • Take measurements of doorways, hallways, elevators, stairs and any place through which your furniture should go.
Wooden furniture for packing
You can use this checklist as a guide for inventorying and packing wooden furniture so that it is ready for the future.

Prepare the necessary tools and equipment

  • Get the tools you need for removing the legs, countertops, doors and bed frames.
  • Prepare envelopes and plastic sandwich bags (or larger ones if necessary) along with a permanent marker to pack and mark any nuts, bolts, washers, and other small pieces of the wooden furniture you are packing.
  • Prepare the protecting items, such as fabrics, bedding, linens, and furniture blankets.
  • Get NYC moving supplies for packing wooden furniture.
  • Get fixers, such as twine and packing tape.
  • Take furniture dolly with a strap for larger and heavier items.

Disassemble and mark

  • Take off all knobs, rollers, tips, and small pieces that may come off, place them in an envelope, and mark them. Be sure not to stick anything to furniture to protect the finish.
  • Take off the legs, if it is possible.
  • Remove the shelves. Wrap them in a gasket and label them.
  • Spread the bed frames. Store all nuts, bolts, and washers in plastic bags marked with the furniture to which they belong, as well as the tools necessary for assembly.

Before you pack wooden furniture, make sure you secure it

  • Remove the pillows and place them in transparent plastic bags, making sure that there are no holes in them. Do not clean the upholstery before moving, do it afterward.
  • Tie all drawers or cabinets closed with a rope and place the gasket between the string and the wood. Never leave doors or drawers unfastened.
Wooden drawer
The last thing you want are your drawers open and its content scattered all around the moving truck.

Wrap and protect it

You should wrap all solid wood furniture well before moving. It is recommended that you hire a professional Manhattan moving company, which regularly deals with antiques and solid wood furniture. Also, think about getting insurance when moving wooden furniture.

There are three recommended levels of protection:

  1. Protection of the surface, which protects it from moisture, dust, and dirt. Look for protection that allows the wood to breathe. Fabrics, bedding and moving blankets are a good choice. Avoid bubble pack or plastic coatings that could damage the wood surface.
  2. Impact protection that absorbs any shock or vibration. You should use furniture cushions and foam padding to cover every inch of solid wood furniture for this level. Be sure to protect corners and handles.
  3. External protection, which includes a rigid casing or additional gasket, if possible.

Getting it on a moving truck

Before you start moving wooden furniture, have a few helping hands to assist you. Keep in mind that you should never drag solid wood furniture on the floor. You should pick up items and carry them so as not to damage the furniture and floor. And also to prevent loosening or breaking the furniture legs.

Old wooden furniture
When the time comes to store your old wooden furniture, make sure you do it the right way.

When packing your wooden furniture into the moving truck, remember to do the following:

  • Load heavy furniture on a moving truck first and try to evenly distribute it in the truck.
  • Tie large objects to the truck with a rope so that they do not slip or fall.
  • Avoid putting other objects on top of furniture in the truck, as this can cause scratches or pressure that can damage wooden surfaces.
  • Get the climate controller that protects the wood in the best way during long moves and protects against expansion or contraction of the wood.
  • Make sure your new home is ready for your solid wood furniture with temperature and humidity adapted to the new furniture. Thus, your furniture can adapt quickly.

How to pack wooden furniture for storage

If you need to keep your furniture in storage NYC before moving to a new home, remember the following:

  • To protect wooden furniture from drying out and possibly cracking, pre-treat solid wood furniture with polish for extra moisture before storage.
  • Climate control is important. Temperature changes can lead to the expansion or contraction of wood, affecting the appearance and strength of the product. Use temperature-controlled storage for keeping wooden furniture. Keep relative humidity between 35 and 45 percent.
  • When storing in a basement or attic, get a humidifier or dryer.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space. Wooden furniture that is packed together may be scratched.
  • Avoid folding or stacking boxes or other furniture onto large objects.
  • When packing wooden furniture for storage, also remove the legs and drawers to better protect each part.
  • Prevent scratches or damage by using a protective coating, but avoid plastic that can cause condensation and bloat of wood. Use fabrics, furniture linings, and moving blankets to protect the wood from light, moisture, and dust.
  • Be careful when storing furniture on the floor. Provide it with additional protection in the event of flooding by raising it on boards or blocks.

If you pack wooden furniture using these tips, this will help ensure its durability and beauty. And the last thing you need after your long-distance move is to see how your wooden furniture is damaged. Follow these tips and you will avoid stress.

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