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There are a lot of things you need to if you wish to relocate a safe. From collecting packing materials to finding qualified movers that can handle such a big and hard task. Luckily for you, we wrote a guide to relocating a safe for a long-distance relocation! With this guide at your disposal, you won’t have any trouble moving your safe, and you can rest assured it will be in safe and capable hands of your movers!

Relocating a safe requires preparation

The most important part of safe relocation is being prepared well. First, you will have to get all the necessary equipment for a safe relocating.

Sweatpants and shoes used for relocating a safe
Relocating a safe is easier in comfortable clothes

Let’s begin with simple steps, such as :

  • Think about the route you need to take while transporting your safe. And we are not talking about the drive route only. Think about how to take safe through your home.
  • If you have staircases in your home, make sure they can handle the weight of the safe. This is especially important if you have to move your office. Because there are a lot of heavy items to transport, maybe the best thing you can do is leave it to professional office movers!
  • Make your safe as light as possible! This is very important to remember if you plan on relocating a safe in be the safest way possible. Take everything out to make it lighter!
  • Every tool and packing material you have should fit for the safe in question
  • Always wear comfortable clothes and think about your safety!
  • Make sure you have an appropriate vehicle you will use to transport your safe.
  • Ask your friends to help you if you do not plan on hiring movers

Relocating a safe requires a lot of planning and back up plans. To make sure everything goes on smoothly, make sure you take the time to plan that move!

Protect everything

Before you even begin moving your safe to the moving truck you need to make sure everything is well protected in your home. That means walls, doors, floor, stairs, etc. Always use an additional protective layer of thick nylon to cover your floor. This will give your floor enough protection so you can either drag the safe over the floor.  Even if you believe you are more than capable of doing it safely, you should still cover the floors. And, even if you have already put some wrapping over the safe that still doesn’t provide the necessary protection to other stuff well. The best thing to do is to put a safe on a wooden pallet if you are planning to drag it across the rooms. Also, you would need a lot of straps that will help you keep better control over your safe during the moving period.

a construction helmet
Always wear protection when moving a safe

Perhaps the best thing to think about is to store the safe in a storage unit. This way you can return for it when you transport all the items from your home. You will have more room in the moving truck, making it easier to lock in the safe and not let it move during transportation. Think about it as a good option when renting storage units Manhattan comes into play!

Take care of yourself

This task is especially important because you are about to move a very heavy and big object. And sometimes they tend to weight a couple of hundred pounds. In these sorts of situations, you will have to dress comfortable cloths. That means something you can move freely in and won’t bring any problems during this task. Think about your safety also. If something bad happens you can easily get very injured.  Wear protective glasses, gloves, shoes, and a helmet if you have one, at all times! Because you are moving a safe, you are at a big risk of hurting yourself. Remember to keep all those protective items on yourself at all times, as we mentioned. Relocating a safe is hard and you can easily strain a muscle or injure your back. Learn more about how to lift heavy objects before you try to move the safe with your friends.

a hurt Kermit the frog
Lift the safe carefully or you risk major injuries

Make sure you have all the packing materials needed

When relocating a safe, you have to think at least 3 steps ahead. You are not just moving some bulky object. No, you are moving something very heavy that requires a lot of strength and good technique. What can make it a lot easier for you is to have enough packing materials that can help you with your safe moving? For instance, nylon will help you with those sharp edges on the safe. Covering them will protect you, your furniture and your walls in your home from potential damage. Also, it is a good idea to wrap the safe in some thick cardboard. This way the straps you will use to carry the safe will keep it in its place. Think more about the packing materials you need to have before moving a safe.

Stockpiled cardboard boxes
Use cardboard boxes and wrap them around the safe

Opt for professionals

Relocating a safe is a hard thing to do so perhaps you should leave it for the professionals. They are highly experienced when it comes to this sort of moving and will have all the necessary equipment meant for such a move. Also, they know how to carry heavy objects without getting injured. That is just one of the pros of hiring movers with experience!

The very first thing you need to have in mind when relocating a safe is safety! Not only for yourself, but for your other items as well. With our guide, you will have a broad idea of what you need to do before packing your safe for a long-distance relocation!

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