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The moving industry is big. Therefore, a lot of companies are offering a lot of advice on how to do a lot of things regarding moving, be it commercial or otherwise. However, you will be hard-pressed to find any good instructions or pieces of advice on how you should go about relocating a tattoo studio. We think this is a shame and are ready to rectify this mistake. Here you will find some (somewhat general advice) on how to relocate your tattoo parlor to a new location.

Summarize your current endeavor

Brooklyn moving company of your choosing will relocate you to wherever you need to be relocated (as long as they offer commercial relocation, of course) but what you really need is planning. Relocating a business is not a small thing to achieve. It takes careful planning and dedication. The first thing to do before relocating is to give the end to your story of working in your old place. To summarize. 

Relocating a tattoo studio
Analyze your future business environment!

This should be some serious analytical work. Go ower your profits, your customers, every bit of information you can find in order to find out exactly what worked and what didn’t, and how much of both is related to your environment. This kind of analysis will be extremely helpful in your future work as well, therefore we highly recommend you spend some serious time in finding out what are environmental factors to your success, or lack thereof.

Relocating a tattoo studio to a better place

What is the next step? Well, there are still things to do before you call upon your office movers in order to relocate you to your new location. That is, actually, the point – you need your new location. Where do you intend to move? If you are reading this, it might be the case that you have already decided upon this. However, if you have not, we have some advice to give.

You have to do a lot of thinking about the results of the previous analysis of your business success before you can decide properly on where to move. What are your profits? How about taxes? Is the environment you are in influencing your business in a negative light? If so, what exactly? High rent, low customers, a nearby competition? All of these things can be a significant factor in deciding what is your best course of action.

We could recommend the obvious choice of moving where the taxes are low and turnout high, but a lot of things you cannot know in advance. This is why you need to pick carefully. You have to know the waters you will soon find yourself in. In every pond, you want to be the biggest fish around!

Costs of relocating your tattoo parlor

Be it that you are in need of some last minute movers NYC or you have been planning this for quite some time, the result is the same – high costs (though, of course, a great amount of planning will do a lot in preventing costs).

tatto artis
Use this as a chance to improve your business!

Chance to improve your business

Chelsea movers might relocate you to a better place, but it takes effort to use the benefits of a new relocation. This is an awesome time to improve your business. As we said, relocation should be time of self reflection. Of evaluation of the previous success.

However, this is also a good time to buy some new equipment, meet new demands that will push your skill and artistic ability to a new level! This is a challenge you should meet head-on. Use the move to buy new equipment and revalue your success in order to make your business even better! Go forth!

Keep the contacts

When relocating, you don’t want to lose your precious customers or additional services. Some might be necessary to leave behind, but be sure to contact them all well in advance.

You want to make a reputation for accountability and honesty for yourself. It might come in handy in the future, especially if you ever return to the old turf.

Take your inventory

When you are relocating, be it that you are moving your apartment or your business, you are still faced with the same conundrum. What to do with your possessions?

a man getting tatto
Don’t forget about your regulars

Well, first and foremost, you have to categorize them properly. You want to see what are the items you will move, what are possessions you would rather store, and what are those you are getting rid of.

  • If there is something that has proven to be less useful than you would prefer it, and moving it would just be a hassle, you should sell it. There are a lot of tattoo artists and enthusiast that would love to buy some of your old equipment.
  • For stuff you do need, but have no use of in the nearest future, why not opt for storage? Any moving company that is relocating a tattoo studio will most likely have a storage service ready as well. You should make full use of this to the best of your ability.
  • However, sometimes, some things simply need to be thrown away. Unlike with any other relocation, you are not likely to have many things that will be useful for a donation to a charity. You, however, have two options. Eather you will simply dispose of it as garbage, or you will recycle. We strongly recommend that you recycle. First and foremost, it might just bring you a tiny bit of money. But even if not, it is a way to make a small yet not insignificant contribution to the fight for a greener earth.

In conclusion

When you sum it all up, here is what it comes down to. When relocating a tattoo studio, call good movers, pick a good spot and find out exactly what made the old spot not so good. And, of course, pick any and all good things from your old location as possible.

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011