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Commercial relocation is different and many would say harder than a residential move. While all residential relocations are similar in some ways, commercial relocations are mostly different from each other. It all depends on what kind of business you own. Owning a business in NYC is a big venture. Business places are pretty expensive in popular locations, but you have more chances for success there. For this reason, commercial relocations in NYC are pretty common. You can easily relocate the tattoo studio to a new address with moving and storage companies NYC. You can let professional movers move your business with or without your involvement. But as you know your business the best, you should actively participate in your moving preparation. Therefore, here are a few tips for relocating tattoo studio to Brooklyn.

Relocating tattoo studio to Brooklyn – How to prepare?

You can prepare for your relocation easily. Every moving preparation is basically almost the same. The first thing you should do is to make a moving plan. A moving plan is especially important when you are moving your business with commercial movers Manhattan. You will not be the only one affected by this job. Therefore, you need to start preparing for your relocation in advance and notify all who need to know such as your employees, clients, etc. The next step is to figure out your moving budget and moving date. Many things depend on these two factors. So, be extra careful when you are deciding when you are going to move and how much you can spend. Additionally, to successfully move your tattoo studio, you should do the following:

  • Hire a reliable moving company
  • Declutter items
  • Prepare your items for packing
  • Sort out utilities
  • Make an inventory
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Commercial relocation is not hard if you make a good moving plan

Is Brookly a good place for moving your business?

Most people think that the only good place in NYC for business is Manhattan. However, while Manhattan sounds very attractive, there are many cons to moving business there. The most common one is that Manhattan is very expensive. Also, other boroughs in NYC are equally good as Manhattan such as Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the most populous borough and has one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials. The borough is known for cheaper and bigger business spaces. The business spaces are much cheaper than in Manhattan. The average rent price of office spaces in the best locations for business is around $35 and $100 per square foot. Additionally, you can easily find loyal clients as many young artists and young professionals are moving to Brooklyn. So, moving your business to Brooklyn might be the best decision for your business.

How to find a reliable moving company?

The most important part of moving preparation is to find a reliable moving company such as Brooklyn movers. As moving tattoo equipment can be hard and tricky, you need to find a moving company with a good reputation. Now, the best way to find a reliable moving company is if you know someone who moved recently and is satisfied with professional movers. You probably know other tattoo studio owners who might give you a recommendation. However, this is not an option, you can always search for a moving company online. See which moving company has the best reviews from other people. Also, make sure that a certain moving company has experience in moving a tattoo studio. The next step is to ask for moving estimates from at least two or three moving companies with the best moving reviews and hire the one that offers you the best.

a white truck on the street
Relocating tattoo studio to Brooklyn will be successful with a reliable moving company

Why should you make an inventory?

Before you start packing your items, you should first make an inventory list of your tattoo shop. It’s hard to keep a track of all items that you have in the shop. If you don’t make an inventory list before relocation, you might not know if you lost some items during relocation. There are a lot of needles and piercings in every tattoo studio. Additionally, you should make a declutter at the same time. You certainly have some items that you don’t use anymore. Maybe you have some old tattoo machines or needles that you can declutter. If you have fewer items to move, you will have to pay less for your relocation. Also, you can update your equipment for your new tattoo studio. So, you can either make an inventory by yourself or make one with your employees. The second option is much faster.

How to pack tattoo supplies?

The biggest part of moving to a tattoo studio is packing tattoo supplies. You as a tattoo artist probably know how to properly pack and store tattoo supplies. You must properly pack and store all supplies to avoid contamination and damage. For this reason, you first need to get packing supplies. Items such as needles can be first sterilized and packed in closed storage containers that are cleaned, dry, and protected from dust. The next most used items in tattoo studios are cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Some of these chemicals might be hazardous, so check if the moving company can move them. You should label all other chemicals. If some chemicals can’t be moved with a moving company, you can either move them by yourself or get new ones after your relocation.

a part of relocating tattoo studio to Brooklyn is packing tattoo supplies
All tattoo supplies must be properly packed and stored

Make sure that you took care of utilities

As you can be preoccupied with moving preparation, you might forget to take care of utilities in your current and new tattoo studio. However, moving to a new studio without electricity and water is not a favorable situation. For this reason, you should also write down a note to take care of utilities and other paperwork. Paperwork is also a part of moving preparation. As you can see, relocating tattoo studio to Brooklyn can’t be done in a short time. You will need time to plan everything and coordinate your free time and moving preparation. For this reason, you should start in advance and most importantly, you need to find a good and reliable moving company.


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