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When you are a business owner, it is a constant dilemma whether to expand your business or not. You might be comfortable with the way your company is doing these days but is this really beneficial in a long run? Expanding your business might see very challenging and even frightening since you don’t have any guarantee that it will succeed. However, there are always signs that tell you it is time. So, when is the time to expand your business to Brooklyn? Take a look at all the little signs that say you should expand your office to another part of NYC. You can always hire Divine Moving and Storage to make a transition much smoother. 

Your customers will tell you if it’s time to expand your business to Brooklyn 

Have you noticed recently that your customers have been asking about your products? Maybe they have been recommending your business to their family and friends. Furthermore, if you notice that there has been an increase in customers coming from Brooklyn to buy your products, it is time to move it. How should you confirm if you are ready to open a second location? After all, it can be quite risky to do it without any preparations. First, pay attention to your customers and their questions. Usually, you can tell by their comments if your business is ready for relocation with office movers or not. Second of all, if your customers are not providing any direct clues, you can ask them. Make a small questionnaire. It should be short but to the point. Since many people do not have a lot of time, a 5 minutes questionnaire should be perfect. 

two women talking about the time to expand your business to Brooklyn
Pay attention to your customers and their comments

You are running out of space 

Generally, you need to have enough space in order to work comfortably. If you want your business to flourish, you need to have a workspace that will motivate you to do your best. This can be quite challenging if your office space is small and uncomfortable. It might have been a perfect office at the beginning, but now it cannot accommodate your needs. Additionally, if you have several employees, you need to think about their needs as well. If your employees will feel more motivated and happier in a bigger office, you should consider expanding. However, you should be careful. When you decide to expand to the second location, you should not get too enthusiastic. Do not find an office space that is too big or too expensive since this will not help your business. Rather, find one that your budget can handle and ask your Brooklyn movers for advice.

Expand your business to Brooklyn and hire more people to help you out 

Having too much business is usually a good sign since your revenue also going to be higher. However, can you handle everything on your own? Maybe it is time to hire new employees. As mentioned before, if you need more employees, you will need more space. It will not be productive or effective if all of your employees are crowded in one tiny office. In addition to this, if you find yourself working long hours or even telling turning away clients, it is time to expand your business. This is a sign that people are demanding more from you and your company. In order to meet demands, you need more space and more people to help you out. Mind you, you should pay attention to your growth. Is it seasonal or maybe sustainable growth? You need a sustainable one to move your office. 

person looking stressed
When you can’t handle everything on your own, ask for help.

You have a perfect market 

As mentioned before, have you noticed that many customers are from Brooklyn? That means that Brooklyn might be a suitable market for your products. It is even better if you live close to Brooklyn. This way, you can operate on both locations and supervise your business. Additionally, you should see what is popular today on the market. Sometimes, if you modify your current product a little bit, you can achieve greater success. Therefore, it is extremely important to do the market analysis first. even if you are completely sure that your product will succeed in Brooklyn, you still need to minimize any losses. it is always better to expand your business when you’re completely sure about your decision. Of course, it can happen that your product will be a huge kid overnight. But these cases are small compared to the number of businesses expanding every single day. 

Is it time to expand your business to Brooklyn if you feel overwhelmed? 

If you started all by yourself and gradually added more people to work with you, you already know the drill. Even though you successfully managed to grow your business, you also need to realize when it’s time to look for help. A perfect time to grow your business would be when you feel like you no longer have the skills to get the job done. This might be a little bit hard to accept, but one person cannot do everything in one company. Why is it important to look for this sign? If you can’t handle everything on your own since you don’t possess all the skills, it means that your company is growing and requires more specialists. As mentioned before, if you decide to hire more people, you need to have enough space to accommodate them. 

people working
Hire new employees.

More signs to look for 

As you can see, there are many signs that will tell you it is time to expand your business to Brooklyn. However, there are even more that you should pay attention to. It is important to pick up all of these signs because you will minimize the chances of failure. 

  • You get an opportunity that it’s too good to pass up 
  • There is enough money in your bank so it is time to invest 
  • You have gotten too comfortable in your current position 
  • Don’t rely only on a couple of customers but search for more 


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