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Renting a storage unit is a great way to gain additional space for your items. However, portable storage units are usually rented when people re-decorate or work on their house. They have the purpose of accommodating the items from the household in a proper manner until further notice. However, if you require a unit for a longer period of time, you can always rent long-term storage units. Nonetheless, today we help you maximize space in portable storage to make the most of it. We will talk about some ways in which you can utilize every inch of it without damaging your items.

Maximize space in portable storage by calculating

The best thing you can do to ensure that the storage unit can accommodate all of your belongings is to make plans in advance. Such plans will help you know how much space you need and if it is enough. It is very similar to when hiring Brooklyn movers and calculating how many items can fit in the moving truck. However, this time, you will be taking your belongings from your home to the unit in your front yard. So, how can you utilize the space you have to accommodate as many items as possible?

a woman placing sticky notes on the wall as a way of planning that can help to maximize space in a portable storage
Learn the dimensions o your unit and calculate how many items you can fit inside it
  1. Purge your home before storing
  2. Pack items in containers
  3. Do not just throw the items in – organize

1. Purge your home before storing

If you want to maximize space in portable storage you have to ensure that all the items can fit inside. More importantly, you can use this situation to get rid of some items you no longer want or use. Purging or decluttering is a great way to not only reduce the amount of work you have to do but to also open up space in your home. In this scenario, you will ensure that you have enough room in the unit to store everything without any issues or danger.

2. Pack items in containers

Stacking different items on top of each other is not a good way to utilize the space you have. Instead, try to pack the items, at least the smaller ones, in boxes or containers. Once they are inside the containers, they will be easier to handle and stack.

a woman holding a plastic container in the bedroom
Instead of just placing items inside the unit, use plastic or cardboard containers to ensure the item safety and compatibility

As most containers or boxes are rectangular or square-shaped, you can easily utilize every inch of the container and ensure your items will fit. This method will make the unit more practical for storing and unloading. Additionally, it will maximize space in portable storage with ease.

3. To maximize space in portable storage you will need to organize

Finally, your storage utilization will only work if you organize your belongings inside it. Simply throwing one item at a time will not do. One of the on-site storage benefits is that you can take your time and not travel a lot to get there. This means that you can carefully plan out where you want to place the items without a rush. Additionally, the organization will always be beneficial, whatever you do.



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