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In order to move your aquarium to Queens, you will have to utilize a knowledgable and attentive approach. You need to understand that this is not an easy task, even for the more experienced movers. That is, it requires patience and attention. The steps that you need to follow are there for a reason and will ensure the safety of this majestic object, as well as the safety of your aquatic friends. So, buckle up, and let us get started with the whole process.

A word of caution

In order to go into this whole ordeal in the right way, we need to warn you about a few things. That is, we need to accentuate a few important notes on the matter of aquarium relocation. Remember that if any of these seem like too much to handle, you can call Queens movers, and find out if they can take care of it for you.

A boy looking at a huge aquarium
Moving an aquarium can be quite challenging. Do not shy away from asking for help.

Fish do not differ solely by color

Now, this is not jaw-dropping information, but it is nonetheless paramount. If you are a proud owner of freshwater fish, you probably know that they require a little extra care and attention. Even the smallest of changes affect them greatly. A relocation will put them outside of their comfort zone for a certain amount of time, and that can be detrimental to their health. These delicate and sensitive creatures will get quite stressed if you change their containers multiple times. As if they are rebellious teenagers, some tend to refuse food, while others threaten their life. If moving the aquarium is not that important to you, this might be the time to reconsider.

Just like the freshwater fish, fish tanks are rather delicate

Although the word ‘tank’ evokes thoughts of something sturdy and tough, fish tanks beg to differ. They are designed to rest on a flat surface, without much additional stress. As the glass is held together only by glue, if you plan to move an aquarium to Queens, you will need to approach with a lot of attention. As they need to remain stress-free, you need to make sure that they are not exposed to any kind of pressure or irregular vibrations.

Be mindful of the time

Since your fish are dependant on the tranquility of their surroundings, spending too much time in transit can prove to be fatal. It is important to know this when you plan to pack for the upcoming move. To ensure a stress-free move, you probably intend on making a packing schedule. When creating it, make sure to list aquarium as the last thing on that list, as well as one of the first when the time for the unpacking arrives.

A clock
If you want to move your aquarium to Queens from a more distant place, know that you will have to work fast.

The distance will determine the outcome

If you want to move an aquarium to Queens, the question that poses itself is: where are you moving from? If you are moving from abroad, your fish might not make that trip. Such undesirable outcome will certainly make you think if the fish should accompany you to your new home. The choice of not bringing them along with leaves you with two options:

  1. gifting your fish to a friend that already has, or plans on having an aquarium. You can move the fish tank alone, and purchase some new fish when you get to Queens.
  2. leave the fish with the aquarium, and get the whole new package at your new home.

If you want to move your aquarium to Queens, you will need:

  • A couple of 5-gallon buckets and matching lids. All of these need to be clean and leak-proof. Since filtering enough water to fill an aquarium can take a substantial amount of time, you will need to bring a lot of water with you. Thus the buckets. Make sure you get enough of them.
  • Plastic bags for the fish. Stop by your pet store and ask for them. This will ensure that you get durable plastic, free of any harmful residue.
  • Boxes for the aquarium gear. If you intend on bringing your pump, heater, nets, and anything else with you, you will need quality boxes. Look for some moving supplies NYC, and try to get boxes of various size, so that every piece has enough room. Try to keep the gear clean, so as to enable instant use after the relocation.

The relocation itself

You ought to start by catching the fish with a net, and further placing them in a previously prepared container. Be gentle, yet decisive. After the fish, come the decorations and accessories. Plants, rocks, castles, pump, tubes, light fixtures, heaters and filters, all go now. Appropriate boxes are a must here, so as to ensure their safety during the road ahead. It is now time to drain the tank. Try your best to take out all the water. Anything that stays will expose your aquarium to the possibility of damage.

A fish in a tank
Make sure that your tank is empty and bone dry, so as to ensure safe transportation.

If you have any sand or gravel occupying the bottom of the tank, make sure to take it out as well. Take a spare bucket, and keep it there until the time for the unpacking arrives. After you are sure that the tank is completely empty, you can proceed to wrap it in bubble wrap. And don’t skimp on it. After all, bubble wrap is cheaper than the new tank. Moving blankets will also come in handy here. This will ensure that you can move your aquarium to Queens in a safe and secure manner. Also, do not forget to keep your aquarium as flat as possible during the ride to your new home. Happy travels!

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