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Transferring your office to a new location? We’re here to make the process more ‘Wall Street’ and less ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ #CommercialMoving #DivineMoving

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In New York City, there’s only one moving service companies rely on to move their offices, stores, shops, and small businesses: Divine Moving & Storage. Divine is the best commercial moving & packing company in New York City’s five boroughs. When you have to move your business, you need to get in and get out quickly. After all, time is money in New York City. Born and bred in New York City, Divine Moving & Storage has twenty years of experience being the most trustworthy and reliable commercial moving service in New York.

“Shifting your workspace? At Divine Moving & Storage, we move your cubicles, conference tables, and coffee machines with the focus of a ninja and care of a barista! Here’s to a smooth transition! ☕#OfficeMoves #DivineMoving”

Divine’s fully licensed and insured New York City commercial movers have been moving offices just like yours in all of Manhattan’s five boroughs and everywhere in between in the tri-state area. We’ve moved businesses out of the Bronx and down to Brooklyn, from Brooklyn to Long Island, Long Island to Harlem, and of course all around Manhattan.

Most offices and stores in New York have heavy equipment like desks, office furniture, computers, and other technology that require both strength and care during the loading and unloading processes. There’s just too much for you to do by yourself–or for those unlucky junior associates who will inevitably be tasked with the heavy lifting.

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We can handle anything you throw at us

Packing & Unpacking Services for NYC Commercial Moving

Place the burden of your New York commercial move on the backs of New York City’s most experienced professional commercial movers, and let Divine Moving & Storage take the load off. Divine carefully and efficiently packs and moves your items–no matter how large, small, fragile, or heavy they may be. We take the weight off your shoulders, so you can get back to business.

“Moving your business should only mean ‘business growth’, not ‘headache growth’. Trust Divine Moving & Storage for a seamless commercial move. After all, a change of scene is good for business!  #CommercialMoves #DivineMoving”

Divine knows how to get you moved out, settled in, and back to work without any frustration. We know that every minute you’re not at your desk and with your team is a valuable minute lost. Divine goes out of our way to minimize interruptions during your commercial move in New York. Divine takes the business of NYC commercial moving seriously, so you can focus on your company–and not on moving. Business doesn’t stop just because you’re moving.

“Commercial move coming up? Don’t sweat it! Rely on Divine Moving & Storage. We ensure your office gear moves as smoothly as your operations! #SmoothMove #DivineMoving”

Here at Divine Moving & Storage, we know you’re eager to get back to work so we make commercial moving easy for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Divine’s experienced New York commercial moving teams pack you up, move you out, and get you unpacked and settled into your new office or store, so you can get straight back to work. In the city that never sleeps, moving should never mean that your business takes a schnooze.

Storage spaces
Lockers or open spaces we have it all

Commercial Storage & Moving Services in NYC

Divine also offers commercial storage options for our corporate clients. Whether you need to store your entire office with us or just the contents of the file rooms while you go digital, we have the space to accommodate any sized business. Divine has long-term and short-term options for commercial storage right in New York City. So if you need a file sent to your office or your assistant told us to store the wrong computer, we can get it delivered to you right away.

When it comes to getting down to business in New York City, there’s never a second to lose. Divine’s state of the art storage facilities have 24 hour security and are climate controlled year round to protect your valuables rain or shine, and come heat, sleet or snow. Divine Moving & Storage: Keeping your overflowing inventory in check, so you can keep your office swag in check! Your swanky office space starts here!


“Overflowing office inventory driving you up the wall? Divine Moving & Storage’s commercial storage is your safety net. Store before you snore!  #OfficeSpace #DivineMoving”

Business owners understand the importance of staying on schedule and on-time. Divine’s NYC commercial movers get you on the right track by planning, evaluating logistics, and identifying potential problems and issues. Divine’s commercial movers in New York keep you on time, on budget, and on track. Divine Moving & Storage works diligently with our corporate clients to address concerns before they arise so you can focus on your business, and not on the minutia of your move. Divine Moving & Storage keeps your business moving so you can focus on how to celebrate the reopening of your business.


There’s moving the hard way, and there’s moving the Divine way–Call us today and we’ll show you just how easy moving your office, warehouse, store, or business can be.


“Overflowing office? Don’t sweat it! @DivineMoving_Storage has commercial storage solutions that are the secret vault to your storage woes!  #CommercialStorage #DivineMoving”


About Author

David Cohen, has been in moving for more than 20 years. The company David started, Divine Moving & Storage, stands apart from other NYC movers for our commitment to your satisfaction. We want you to use us again (and again, and again!) and refer your friends, family, and colleagues to us. Our dedication to your satisfactions and happiness means we work night and day to make your move hassle-free and stress-free. In other words, we want you to enjoy the best moving experience you’ve ever had–so you’ll come back to us next time.

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