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Every relocation carries with itself the dreaded possibility of damaged goods. While getting proper insurance with your moving company is a smart move, and a necessity according to some, we believe that there are certain steps prior to this one that are worth taking. In order to ensure that your precious goods won’t get broken or damaged, you ought to know how to prepare them for the long road ahead. Not many things in our households are as dear to us as our flat-screen TVs. With that in mind, the text in front of you will be instructing you how to pack a flat-screen TV. The end result will be a secure package, ready to tackle all the relocation challenges.

Two people playing football on TV
Knowing how to pack a flat-screen TV ensures that you save it for many shared moments to come.

A desirable circumstance

No one knows better to pack a flat-screen TV than the people who produce it. They made sure that the engineering that goes into their boxes and cushioning materials is next to perfection. Having said that, it would be the most desirable circumstance if you have managed to save the original packaging of that magical box. This includes all the styrofoam, plastic bags, and cardboard layers. If this is the case, our job is done and your precious item of technology will be as safe as it can be. Just make sure to pack it as before. However, let’s assume that you are not as fortunate, and the original box has somehow left your premises. Here is how you ought to proceed.

Try your best to acquire necessary materials

Bubble wrap
When it comes to the safety of fragile items, it is very hard to go overdo it with bubble wrap.

In order to ensure the maximum safety of your precious tv, prior to packing it, you need to acquire some necessary materials. These would include:

  • A packing tape
  • Some bubble wrap
  • A moving blanket
  • Quality box cutter
  • Sturdy wardrobe box

If you are having issues finding some of these, know that you can turn to packing services NYC, and ask if they are willing to sell some of their top-notch materials.

Pack a flat-screen TV by following these steps:

1. Preparation for the wrapping

You would begin by dismounting the TV from its rightful place. It goes without saying that you ought to remove the stand as well. However, we said it anyway. If there are any additional delicate plastic pieces helping your TV reach its true potential, make sure to remove them as well. Having that their purpose is highly valuable, make sure to keep them in a safe place, the one that you will be able to locate later on with great ease. The base, however, will need less careful tending. Simply unscrew it and set aside. After the wrapping, make sure to pack it with the TV, so as to prevent it from getting lost. Such actions might seem tedious but will prove to be of great help when you start unpacking after the move.

Proceed to disconnect all the cables. Once neatly folded, make sure to label them. This will save you a substantial amount of time when reassembling takes place. A neat trick would be to take a photo of the backend of your TV. That way you won’t have to remember where every cable needs to go, but merely look at the picture, and save yourself some nerves. Continue with wiping the TV to the best of your ability. Use a damp and a dry piece of cloth to diligently remove any visible dust and debris. This will prevent any scratches from occurring during transport.

2. The wrapping itself

Take your packing tape and wrap the TV loosely, making sure that the sticky side is out. Crazy, right? Not as much. You see, now comes the bubble wrap. The previous action will help the bubble wrap to stick to the outside. Make sure it is not too tight, but that it still does not slip around. Now comes the moving blanket. Since your whole TV ought to be wrapped, make sure to get the right size or even number of blankets. Bigger TVs may require two or more. After you have successfully wrapped it, secure the blanket with tape. It is worth mentioning that any loose end presents a liability. All expert Manhattan moving services can tell you that. So, make sure that the entire TV is fully and well protected, so as to prevent any chance of damage.

3. Time to pack your flat-screen TV

Finding a box that closely matches the dimensions of your TV is paramount. It cannot be too tight, since padding needs to fit, nor should it be too loose since it can cause a lot of unwanted shifting and moving during the ride. Certain moving companies have flat-screen TV boxes for sale, so make sure to scope out some of the more reputable ones. We suggest that you call the companies that have packing and storage services amongst their offer. Still, if you are out of luck, not all is lost. One or two wardrobe boxes, depending on the size of your TV, should do more than suffice. Some crafting skills will be necessary, but nothing too complicated is in store. Your job here is to cut the boxes so that they when combined, fit your TV nicely. Make sure to carefully and tightly seal all sides of the box with some quality packing tape. Your makeshift box needs to be sturdy and reliable.

Figurine made of boxes
Nothing as complicated as this is expected from you. You only need to take two boxes and turn them into one.

Place your TV in that box, and proceed to pad it accordingly. You want to pack a flat screen TV so as to ensure it keeps its impeccable state. This means that there shouldn’t be any wiggle room in the box whatsoever. Make sure to fill any gaps in the box with bubble wrap or packing paper. After it is all nicely packed and sealed, your TV is good to go. Happy travels!


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