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Packing your home for the move can be tricky. There are so many things you need to take care of and so many things you need to do. However, there is something that may prove even trickier and that is packing your home garden. You do not want to damage any of the plants or equipment during your move so you need to pay utmost attention to details here. So, read this article and learn how to pack a home garden before calling some of the top movers NYC. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Packing a home garden – what’s to know?

When you want to pack your home garden there is some research that you need to do. While nobody will argue about moving garden equipment, most moving companies in New York City will refuse to move living plants. This is because they can attract pests and vermin into the truck and risk destroying the rest of the stuff in the truck. That is why you need to ask your cross-city moving company before you decide to move your house plants. We will now go through your options when moving your home garden.

Packing a home garden can be tricky!
Packing a home garden can be tricky!

Getting packing supplies

When you want to pack something correctly, you need to get some proper packing supplies. Proper packing supplies include stuff like packing paper, packing tape, moving blankets, air-filled wrap, foam nuggets, and different sized boxes. You can buy all of these packing supplies online, or in your local hardware store.

The thing with different sized boxes is that it will make you able to pack your home garden much more efficiently. You will be able to put smaller items in smaller boxes, and bigger items in bigger boxes. It is really simple! In addition to that, your movers will have a much easier time loading the moving truck. This is because they will be able to put the heavier and bulkier items on the bottom of the pile, and lighter and smaller items on the top. This form of box stacking is called the “Tetris” method and it also allows you to fill the gaps with smaller boxes. So, look up where to buy moving boxes NYC and stop by. Space efficiency at its finest!

Packing your shed

Your shed has a lot of items that are weirdly shaped. For example, your hose or garden fork. That is why you need to pack them carefully in order not to damage other items in the moving truck. The best way to pack your garden tools is by dividing them by type and then bundling them. For example, take all of your garden forks and similarly shaped items such as shovels, and bundle them together. After you bundle them, you should tie them up with a rope or tape them with packing tape. The rope method is safer because ropes are much more durable than tape. All in all, you can do both if you want to secure your hoes well enough. After that, wrap them in packing paper or air-filled wrap, and top it all with a moving blanket. This is the proper way to bundle your garden tools and all senior citizen moving companies are doing it.

garden tools
Bundle your garden tools and wrap them with a moving blanket

Packing your power tools

If you are a serious gardener you probably have some power tools. Stuff like lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and whatever else you have can be tricky to pack and move. First of all, you need to take the fuel out. Moving companies will refuse to move anything hazardous and fuel is on the list of hazardous materials. So, take the fuel out and try to disassemble the item as much as you can. For example, with a lawnmower, try to remove the handle and the blade. If you cannot remove the blade, make sure to cover it well so it does not cause damage to other stuff or become blunt. If you have a chainsaw, make sure to wrap the blade with air-filled wrap and secure it with packing tape. It is wise to use original boxes in which the items came from the supplier. If not, get a box in which the power tool will fit. In addition, to be extra safe, you can wrap it in a moving blanket and fill the box with foam nuggets in order to prevent tumbling.

Your plants are fragile so be careful when digging it out

Moving your plants

As we have mentioned before most moving companies will refuse to move plants because of the risks of attracting pests and vermin. That is why you have to pack a home garden by yourself. Moving the plants by car or by van is the preferred method for many gardeners. However, you still need to know how to dig the plant out and pack it for your local move.

Relocating plants

In order to relocate your plants to your new home, you first need to dig it out. The proper way to dig out your plant is to get a shovel and dig out a circle around the plant. Make sure that you give enough space to the root and not cut it out with your shovel. After that, you will have a piece of soil with your plant. Take the plant and put it in a secure plastic container. Do not put the lid on, or at least poke some holes in it. Place it in your trunk or back seat and drive to your new home. When you reach the new desired location for the plant, dig out a hole a bit larger than the piece of soil around your plant. Put some compost in and mix it with the soil. Then put the plant in and fill the hole with soil. After that, use your foot to stomp the soil around the plant so that the plant fits into the new location.

With all that said, good luck with packing your home garden!

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