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Moving your heavy and bulky items is probably the most difficult part of the relocation. The reason is quite simple. Due to their size, shape, and weight, it can be extremely challenging to pack and move these types of household items. However, it is not impossible to pack bulky items for a move. In addition to this, it is always better to find furniture movers to help you with this difficult moving task. 

Organizing relocation is often quite stressful. Manhattan moving might be the most complicated one since this part of New York City is densely populated. When you need to transport your bulky items to your new address, the stress just increases. For this reason, here are all the tips and tricks for packing bulky and heavy items for your relocation. 

black sofa
Make sure to properly pack your bulky items

Pack bulky items for a move with proper packing supplies 

Even though it might be difficult to pack bulky items, there are still some packing supplies you can use for this job. Where to get these supplies? You can always ask Divine Moving and Storage if they are selling or renting packing supplies. In addition to this, you can try to find some moving boxes yourself on the Internet or going to local stores. Here are all the supplies you need to gather. 

  • Moving boxes – there are some specialized moving boxes designed for a specific item, such as TV, bulky vases, some smaller parts of large furniture, and so on. 
  • Moving blankets – to cover your bulky items 
  • Tape – to secure moving blankets or seal the volume boxes. 
  • Moving straps – to secure doors on your bulky furniture. 

Prepare your furniture anitems for relocation 

Before you pack bulky items for a move, make sure to clean them. Take a rag, some warm water, and soap to clean every single piece of your bulky items. Then, make sure to try your items completely since leaving some spots wet can damage your items. After this, you should disassemble your furniture. Some bulky items cannot be disassembled, for example, your sofa or couch. However, you can still remove some parts. Pack removable parts separately in moving boxes and make sure to label those boxes as well. For the large part, you can use the moving blanket to cover it. This will prevent any scratches or dents that might happen during transport. You should also use tape the secure moving blanket around your bulky items. 

person cleaning
You should clean your items before packing

How to pack? 

As it was mentioned, once you disassemble everything that you can, it is time to pack bulky items for a move. Take one plastic bag and put all the small screws and bolts inside. Then, make sure to label that back so you will know where it came from. After this, use bubble wrapping for smaller parts and a moving blanket for large parts. Lastly, make sure to use a dolly when you need to transport your bulky items to the moving truck. 

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