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In addition to choosing a suitable new home, drawing up an effective budget for moving, getting a few estimates and hiring the best Brooklyn movers for your move, there is something you can do to give a significant impetus to your own adventure in motion – prepare for movers’ arrival. Even if you booked a full-service relocation, you can do a number of things to speed up the relocation process and minimize the risk of damage, problems, and failures.

How to prepare for movers’ arrival?

If you know how to prepare for movers, you will save a lot of valuable time. And save yourself from headaches on the day of the move. Here are the most important things you need to do before the movers arrive:

Clean your house

Sort your belongings and declutter your home before you move to make it easier. Sell ​​or donate all the items that you no longer need to save the time it takes to pack them and the money to move them.

Home clutter
There is no need to take all those stuff with you, right?

Know what cannot be moved

It is very important to request a list of all the items that your movers will not move. And then take the necessary measures:

  • Find special movers or plan to move your pets or plants yourself, as they cannot be loaded onto a moving truck;
  • Use or distribute to your friends and neighbors any perishable products and hazardous materials that you may have.

Get insurance

Choose a suitable assessment protection plan and purchase additional insurance if necessary. Make sure that you know all your options and understand all the differences and special conditions of the various types of liability protection offered by your chosen loaders.

Create inventory

Create a detailed inventory of all items that you intend to move. It will be very useful in organizing your belongings. And will serve as proof of the contents of your household goods if something is lost or damaged. It is a good idea to list the serial numbers of all your electronics and home appliances, as well as their brands and types.

Clear and organize

Make sure that all items that are packed in boxes are clean and in good condition. You do not want damaged devices and furniture, dyed fabric or dirty appliances to come in contact with new or delicate items and destroy them. Do not forget to do the obvious:

  • Turn off, empty and clean all electrical appliances (fridge, dishwasher, etc.). Remove batteries from any devices that you will transport in a moving truck;
  • Empty drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, etc. to prepare for movers’ arrival
  • Drain fuel from a lawnmower, snow thrower or other fuel-powered tools that you take with you;
  • Remove covers, pillows, bed linen, etc. from beds and other furniture. And pack bedding separately.

Small items packing

Keep small items in order. Put them in sealed bags so that they are not lost and not scattered during transportation. In fact, any souvenirs, small decorations, and a number of other trinkets will only delay your movers and disturb them. Pack them yourself, even if you hire professional packers.

Individual items

Keep items that your movers do not have to pack and load onto a moving truck separately. We recommend you to mark a room in your home, where you can store everything that you will not trust to loaders. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal documents;
  • Valuables – family heirlooms, jewelry, works of art, collectibles;
  • Essentials;
  • Small electronic devices of crucial importance – a laptop, phone, camera, tablet.

Measure the doors and prepare the furniture

One of the best ways to prepare for movers’ arrival is to plan it all ahead. Plan a suitable escape route from your home in Brooklyn – measure the doors and see if your large furniture will pass through them and through narrow corridors, sharp turns, and steep stairs. When you find the easiest way to handle things, make sure that there are no obstacles in the way. You can even disassemble bulky pieces of furniture that can cause problems and wrap them in blankets or plastic bases for additional protection.

Big cabinet
If you do not cope with the task, at least you can specify the movers which items they should disassemble

Organize your presence on the day of the move

All the above preparations will be very useful on moving day. But most importantly, you should be present to observe the process and provide relevant information, correct instructions and invaluable assistance to your loaders. Make sure to be at your house when the movers come.

Remember the weather

Adapt your move to current weather conditions — wear appropriate clothing, make sure your children and pets are inside on cold or rainy days, cover the floor with a newspaper or old rugs to protect the floor while moving, cover all your belongings with plastic film so that they do not get wet, etc.

Take a picture

Before your movers arrive, take a lot of photos. They will not only serve to confirm the good condition of your household items and your property but also help you remember your old place well and arrange the new one in the same way, if you wish.

Secure personal data

Make sure that neither movers nor anyone else have access to your personal information. Keep credit cards and banking information in a safe place, protect your computer with a password, destroy any old documents. And do everything necessary to protect your privacy and prevent personal theft data. This is especially important if you have a home office and you need services of office movers NYC.

Recheck all

To prepare for movers’ arrival, go through every corner of your old house one last time to make sure nothing is left behind. Check out the attic, basement, garage, inside the bathroom or under kitchen countertops. Just inspect the whole place for the last time.

Provide snacks and drinks and keep the tip money

Recharge your movers’ energy levels to ensure efficient and fast operation. Offer a moving team bottled water and some snacks and label the bathroom that they can use. Get some cash to tip your loaders if you are satisfied with their work. Add extra dollars for very heavy objects, narrow corridors, and stairs, etc.

Maintain a sense of humor

Take a positive approach and find a way to get around unexpected problems. A good joke and a friendly commentary will help reduce tensions. And if you don’t allow your stress to increase, your experience of moving will be nothing more than a pleasant success.

Boy laughing
You know how they say, the laughter is the best cure for everything

So, how to prepare for movers’ arrival? Prepare household items, prepare your home and prepare your mind for an exciting and rewarding adventure! We are sure that the move will be a pleasant experience.

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