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You and your partner decided to make the jump and move in together. By now you have probably realized that this is much more than just moving your stuff to a new place. Since it is not easy, we put together this handy guide for couples moving together for the first time. Practical tips and advice on how to prepare for moving in with someone will make your move a little easier and less stressful.

Before looking for a new place

Before you start looking for Queens movers to move you to your new place, you should first make some decisions. There are a few steps that can save you time, money, and stress before you move.

Couple on a bench
These steps will help you do everything you need to prepare for moving in with someone

Step 1: Look closely at all your belongings

So much about moving is what we have in our lives. Most likely, you will find things that are duplicates between your two apartments – two spatulas, two coffee tables – or things that you no longer want. Then there are big things like dressers and sofas that may not fit in a new place. Now is the time to look at things in both of your apartments and find out what you have. Then decide what you keep, and what items you donate, give up or sell before moving.

If you are tempted to postpone it until the end or skip it altogether – do not do it. This may be the most expensive mistake you make. And why is that? Because everything you keep increases the cost of moving. Whether in dollars or in the time it takes to move everything and the physical load on your body. In addition, all these things will have to fit into a new place. Imagine what will happen when all the boxes are there. Will there be a place to put them until you figure it out? Will keeping everything force you to rent a bigger apartment than you can afford?

Therefore, before you start looking for the apartments on Craigslist, get a real idea of how much space you need. Find out how much things you will have after you decide what you will keep.

Checklist before moving

  1. Make an inventory of both apartments to prepare for moving in with someone
  2. Decide together what you will keep, sell, throw or donate
  3. Measure everything that remains (furniture, etc.)
  4. Decide how many square meters you need

Step 2: Decide on what place you are moving to

Next question: will you move to their place, stay on your own or find a new place together? This can be an easy decision if you both live in one-bedroom apartments and you really need two bedrooms. However, if one person already lives in a two-room apartment, you will still need to consider other factors, such as commuter trips to work, pets, amenities in the surrounding area, such as parks, restaurants, and shops, as well as safety. Talk about your mandatories. If none of your places makes the cut, start brainstorming with a shortlist of places to begin your search.

Step 3: Decide together what you will keep, throw or donate

Remember that everything you keep increases the cost of your move and the space you need in a new apartment. If you hire a mover, the price you get will depend on the weight. So the heavier the load, the more expensive it will be to transport it. Now it is time to ask yourself whether that huge table is worth the extra cost to keep it.

Try not to postpone your decision to get rid of objects, just to see if it fits in a new apartment. It’s a waste of money to pay the loaders to move things that you end up leaving. It is easier and much cheaper to take measurements, take square meters into account and plan accordingly. Letting things go when you prepare for moving in with someone can be painful, but it can also be a release. Think of it as creating a place for a new life with your partner. But, if you are still not ready to get rid of some things, you can put them in 24-hour storage.

Old sofa
It is never easy to get rid of your belongings, but sometimes it is necessary to make room for new things in life.

Money and moving in together

One of the most open aspects of cohabitation for many couples is more active participation in each other’s financial life. Even if you had a roommate with whom you shared living expenses, everything is different when your partner on weekends and evenings suddenly becomes your regular housemate and you share responsibility for basic needs, such as rent and food.

Some people may feel a loss of privacy and control over their individual finances, creating tension in the relationship. Again, communication is key. Sit down together as soon as possible and consider the fears and concerns about money. Talk about what you can afford and decide how to pay your total expenses.

Financial documents that you will need to prepare for moving in with someone

The truth in most real estate markets is that the ideal rental does not last long. If you do not act quickly, it may disappear tomorrow. The best thing you can do is to get approval for a mortgage before you go home hunting. You will have more chances to catch this ideal place if all you need to do is fill out an application and transfer all financial data on the spot. Keep in mind that documents will be required from each tenant.

Be prepared to catch the perfect rental with this financial document checklist:

  • A letter of employment on letterhead with your salary and start date
  • Pay stubs
  • A letter of recommendation from your previous landlords. If this is your first rental, indicate the names and telephone numbers of personal or professional references that can vouch for you.
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns for the last two years – especially if you work for yourself

The move: do it yourself or hire movers?

Professional movers
Professional movers will make this new step in your life much easier

Finally, you need to decide whether you are moving by yourself or hiring professionals. For some, this is easy: they have moved many times and have their system. They know how to call friends, where to get a truck and where to find free boxes. While this may work fine for local moves, this may not be the best solution for more complex or long-distance moves.

From choosing the perfect place and mixing your things and living in one place to deciding on money issues, taking a lease and actually moving your things – there is something to think about and prepare for moving in with someone. Despite the fact that it requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, stress, and money – as soon as it ends, you can relax, knowing that you will spend every day with your best friend. You have already found your perfect match. Through careful planning and use of services such as Divine Moving, which can handle almost all aspects of your move, you can be sure that your happy new home will stay happy.

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