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Moving is a stressful event for everyone. But with planning and proper preparation, it can be easy and it can be stress-free. But, when it comes to moving your pets you need to prepare them. Simply, no matter what is your pet it will be hard for them to understand why everything is changing. You need to prepare your pets for relocation and make it as easy as possible for them. They need to feel safe during the whole process. The best thing to do is to find reliable movers NYC that can help you with this task!

If you want to prepare your pets for relocation make sure you have all the documents

Gathering all the documents you might need when you are preparing your pets for relocation is one of the most important steps. Although it might seem like something easy, you need to start the whole process on time. Especially if you are moving to another state or a city. Most states have different requirements when it comes to the transportation of pets. You will need a health certificate, and probably some additional documentation. Since relocation is stressful enough check everything in advance. Do your research and make sure to get all the papers ready. Preparing your pets for relocation is a task that you need to take seriously and plan in advance.

dog running happily
You need to prepare your pets for relocation on time!

Take your pets to the vet

Before you start the moving process you should visit the vet. You will need a health certificate, but since you are visiting the vet you can ask for your pets’ medical records. Also, if your pet is sensitive and you are not sure how they will behave during the relocation you can ask all the questions. Ask about some meds for motion sickness or even sedatives. It is better to be safe than sorry and to prepare your pets for moving properly.

Also, in case your pet is taking some medications make sure to refill all the prescriptions. Update vaccinations and ask if your pet needs some additional. These steps are needed if you want to prepare your pet properly and make sure that the relocation is not stressful for them. After you are in the clear with this part, you can start searching for moving companies Queens and set a moving date. That is the easy part!

Prepare your pets’ belongings

Your pet probably has a lot of toys and different items. So, when you are packing some essentials to have with you during the relocation make sure to take some items that your pet loves. That way your pet will be prepared for a relocation since as soon as you reach your new home they will have something familiar from their old home. It will help them feel safer and they will be open to their new home. Also, make sure to get the leash so you can have fun with your kids and your pet!

cat with a toy that you can prepare your pets for relocation
Your pets are stressed out too

Take care of your pets on the relocation day

Depending on your pet, they can be easy-going or they can be scared of all the noise and movement on a moving day. So the best way to prepare your pets for moving is to keep them away from all the noise and the whole relocation. The best way to handle this is to leave them with a friend or family or at a daycare. That way, they will be less stressed and you’re pet will handle the relocation better. In case you are not able to do that, and you want to be close to your pet make sure to keep them away from everything. You can place them in a carrier and move them thought the house away from all the noise. Check on them and make sure they have enough food and water.

Take your pets to your new home if possible

One of the best things that you can do is to take your pets to your new home before the relocation. Showing them your new home will give them the opportunity to get familiar with new space. So once you arrive, they will be much calmer. Also, try to stick to their routines and habits. If they are used to have their litter box in the bathroom – place it there in your new home as well. That way your pets will be able to adjust to the change. This simple step will help your pet feel better and they will adjust to relocation easier. Also, this will help you to avoid some common mistakes when moving with pets. And if this is not possible, that is okay. Just make sure to give your pets enough time to adjust to your new home.

dog with a leash ready for moving
Take your pet with you to visit your new home

If you want to prepare your pets for relocation properly  – keep them with you during the transport

If you are moving locally, one of the best things that you can do is to transport your pet with you. You can place them in a carrier and put them in your car. If you want to prepare your pets for moving, you can try to take them for a ride before the moving day. This is especially important if they are not used to drive in a car. In that case, you can cover their carrier with a blanket or something similar. It can help them feel more secure that way.

Don’t let your pet out once you arrive

One of the most common mistakes people make is to let their pets out as soon as they arrive in their new home. We strongly advise against that. A lot of animals can get scared easily, especially when they see a lot of moving boxes around them in a completely new environment. Before you let them out, try to unpack some of the items that they like. That way, they will be relaxed and they will start to learn about their new home!

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