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Moving can be a stressful time for the family, so plan an interesting move for your tribe. With the right approach and energizing tools, you and your family members can truly enjoy moving to a new home. Read on to learn some ways to make moving fun.

What are the best ways to make moving fun?

Make the game of moving

With the children involved (or children at heart) there are endless ways to make the game of moving tasks. Let family members compete with each other to find out who can get rid of most things, collect things faster or clean the fastest. When moving with pets, you can assign a special responsibility to each child. One looks after the dog; another, your hamster, for example. Giving importance and prestige to the tasks of moving turns the difficult parts of the work into something more pleasant.

Kids' hands
The most important thing is to be in this together.

Create playlist

Making a playlist is one of the best ways to make moving fun. Think of all the popular songs about moving. Travel themes, bag packing, farewells, and greetings sound in all types of music. You can browse your personal music collection and see what you can find to fit your upcoming adventure. You can create a playlist for each phase: packing, travel, and so on.

Eat like kings

Good food is an instant boost of spirit, so do not rush to plan a meal around your move. Think in advance about the food you share on the packing day and on the way to your new apartment. If possible, create an unforgettable picnic (or several of them), filled with delicacies that the family loves, be it the last batch of fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen of your old apartment, favorites from a local deli or treats from another special restaurant. Make sure you go shopping for healthy food before you go. Fill a large cooler with bottled water, fruit, nuts, sandwiches. Everything you think will raise the family spirit on the way.

Do not hurry

One of the most stressful aspects of the move is lack of time. You have to finish cleaning, pick up a truck, greet the professional Manhattan movers, get on a plane and so on. To preserve sanity in your family, make the smartest decision you can before you move: start early! This means that your planning should turn on as soon as you know that you are moving. And you should spend a little more time than you think you need for each task.

Boys laughing
You can create a playlist for each phase of the move.

Divide and rule

One of the best ways to make moving fun begins with packing things. Give each room in the house its own color and symbol — the kitchen is a red star, the main bathroom is a blue circle, the room for a younger child is a yellow triangle, and so on. Label each box and item with the symbol of its room. You can write directly on boxes with bold colored markers. Use strips of tape for furniture and other items. When you get to your new home, seal the copy of each symbol above the corresponding doors. A moving team can quickly unpack a moving van and easily see where everything goes.

Make a map

This is the cornerstone of your move. You pay the movers by the hour, and the floor plan saves not only time but also money. The floor plan does not have to be a work of art, it’s just a sketch of each room and where the furniture goes.

If you are moving to NYC with kids, a floor plan is a great way to get them involved. Let them decide where they want things to be in their room. You can change things later. But if you give the children a little control on the day you move, it can make a difference. Again, attach floor plans outside each room so that the movers know, without asking, where to place the furniture in each room.

Vacation strategy

Another trick of busy is to pack your bag as if you were going on a week-long vacation. Fill it with clothes and toiletries that you will need during the first week. Don’t forget medicine, a basic first-aid kit, goggles and contacts, and also (if you are traveling with a baby) diapers and baby equipment. Thus, everyone can spend the first few days in a new house without digging in boxes for an aspirin or a clean pair of socks.

Baby playing on the floor
Packing some basic toys is one of the best ways to make moving fun for your kids


Collect a box of basic items for each room in the house. Instead of putting all the bedding that you have in one box, fill the box for bedding for each bedroom: sheets, pillows, blankets and, for those who need it, toys for sleeping. Bathrooms will need toilet paper, bath towels and mats, a shower curtain, soap, a trash can. Have the children fill the box with personal items that will make their rooms feel right at home: posters, toys, photos, books.

Kitchen as a command post

Do you know how everyone is in the kitchen during a party? Use this to your advantage and make the new kitchen a cozy bond of your new home. Collect a box of kitchenware – a few pots and pans, dishes and utensils, a coffee pot, a trash can, cleaning products and, if you use it a lot, your microwave oven. That way you can also start organizing your new kitchen, which makes it easier later. If you can invoke energy to cook food on your first night at home, more power for you. If not, calling for take-out can add a sense of motive. Offering light meals, such as microwave fried corn, cookies, pre-sliced ​​carrots and celery, as well as flavored sparkling water will be a coveted award in hours of hard work.

Moving is not easy, especially when other people expect things to go smoothly. That’s why you need some ways to make moving fun. Time, creativity and a good attitude will help you make the move as painless as possible. Even enjoyable – as much as possible.

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