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One of the most stressful processes that people go through is the process of relocation. It is a feat that is going to cost you a lot of time, money, and nerves. It is going to be extremely demanding especially in the case that you should decide not to hire reliable movers such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC and instead go through this process on your own. Still, no matter what your decision in regards to hiring professionals may be, you are surely going to need time to recuperate after the move. Recharging batteries is something that is very important. So, today, we are going to share with you some of the best Long Island weekend getaway ideas to keep in mind. Choose a place according to your own needs and desires and you should find your grove back very easily. Now, let’s get down to business!

Long Island weekend getaway options include a trip to a beach
Water activities can help you recuperate quickly

The top Long Island weekend getaway spots you need to think about

One of the bad sides of living in Long Island is that it is a very large place with so much traffic and people rushing all around not paying attention to their surroundings. After all, is that what almost any large city is like? On the other hand, one of the best sides of living in Long Island is that it is a very large place with so many people, so meeting someone new is much easier than you might think. Also, with such a large place come different options for all kinds of fun activities. Consequently, we can say that Long Island weekend getaway spots are far more common than you might think. Alternatively, you may be looking for a place that is close enough to visit, but not in the Long Island itself to pay a visit to?

Some of the favorite spots that we, as popular Long Island movers like to recommend are the following:

  • Go wine tasting at Long Island wineries
  • Historic Mansions of the Gold Coast
  • Long Island beaches, boardwalks, and lighthouses
  • Sleepy Hollow, NY is a great idea for a weekend getaway
  • Visit Cape Cod, MA, and relax at the beach

Does any of these sound interesting to you? If so, let’s find out more about them!

Go wine tasting in Long Island wineries

The first thing that we would like to suggest doing as a gateway activity in Long Island is going wine tasting.

Wine culture has always been very strong in the USA. However, it has picked up in the last twenty years significantly. In the case that you are among those people who find wine tasting an activity that gets your serotonin flowing and have recently completed your local move, you might want to think about going wine tasting in some of the local wineries in Long Island. The offer is really good and the drive is pretty short. So, go ahead and do your research.

wine bottle
Go wine tasting to relax after moving

Visit the historic mansions of the Gold Coast as a Long Island weekend getaway

The next activity that we would like to suggest after cross-city moving would be visiting the historic mansions of the Gold Coast.

The remains of the past times are what you can see here. In the 1920s the rich had their mind made up about the way they were going to spend their free time. Extravagant parties from the Great Gatsby era have remained in the past. However, the pensions still remain and you can visit them. Give it a thought and plan your trip soon.

Spend time at Long Island beaches, boardwalks and visit lighthouses

Living at the ocean waterfront comes with many perks, beach life included. So, if you feel like you could use some time on the beach in the sun, simply resting or surfing, you should do your research and find a beach just for you. After all, beaches and lighthouses in Long Island are plentiful. So, we are pretty confident that you are going to be able to find a spot in accordance to your wishes.

Visit Sleepy Hollow

We are drifting away from Long Island itself, but the fact is that the whole area is very inviting for relaxation. So, the first place outside of Long Island that we are going to suggest visiting is going to be Sleepy Hollow, NY. If you are into haunted stories, then this is the perfect location to set your GPS guidance to. Wonderful nature with the legends of surreal experiences represents a calling to anyone with even just a bit of interest in the paranormal. Have you booked your tickets yet?

Relax at Cape Cod, MA

We are now, obviously, moving to the first place outside of the state of New York and into one of the famous islands in the state of Massachusetts – Cape Cod.

ocean at Cape Cod
Cape Cod offers plenty of activities in different parts of the year

No matter what time of the year you find yourself here, Cape Cod is not going to be a mistake. If swimming is why you would like to come here, you should most definitely come in the summer. It may get a bit crowded for sure. However, we are certain that you are going to find a place on the beach for you. If overall relaxation, nature, and food are the reasons for your trip any time of the year will do. So, start planning your trip and make it happen exactly when you want it. After all, this is your time off that we are talking about.

Options are plentiful for your Long Island weekend getaway

As you have seen, you have more than a few options for your Long Island weekend getaway. All that you need to do now is to listen to your heart and get going. Take your time to enjoy your time. There’s nothing more to it really.


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