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Whether we are moving or just living our daily lives – protecting our items is something that we cherish. We do it by securing our home, using the right packing supplies or finding good movers to transport our stuff. Sometimes, however, you need to find a good storage unit that will keep your items protected and secure. What’s more, some items will require special care – like to be away from any moisture or temperature conditions. For this stuff, you will need to find special storage units in Manhattan. Finding these, though, might seem like a nightmare. How can one pick from so many storage units on offer? That’s why in this article, we give you the makings of a decent climate controlled storage unit in Manhattan.

Think about whether you even need climate control

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you need storage and whether that storage needs to be climate controlled. You can do this by examining your situation. If you are moving long distance, or need to move out quickly, you might be in need of Manhattan moving and storage services. They will find the proper warehouse for you – and help transport your stuff. Another reason for getting a storage unit in Manhattan is just needing more space. The city is notorious for its small apartments, so getting a unit to store your belongings is perfectly reasonable.

Paint supplies.
Think about the items you want to store.

Then, if you decide you need to get a storage unit, you have to look over your items. What will you be storing there? Is it musical instruments and artwork? Appliances and other temperature-sensitive items? If the answer is yes, then you are in need of a climate-controlled storage unit. However, finding it won’t be easy. To do it, you will need to further look into the makings of a decent climate controlled storage.

Learn what climate controlled storage unit is

One of the most common things people confuse is climate and temperature controlled units. Although these are fairly similar, they have a big difference – the humidity inside. The temperature-controlled units have the name that suits them. Within them, you can only control the temperature. The makings of a decent climate controlled storage unit, however, also provide you control over both humidity and temperature.

What this means is that a climate controlled storage Manhattan will have both good air flow as well as the quality of it. This way, there will be less dirt and grime inside – and mold will not be able to grow here either. So, when getting a storage unit, make sure you inquire about the humidity levels inside – as well as to ask about how they keep them that way. Usually, you expect to have what is known as a relative humidity of 55%. If it is any higher than this, then your items can start damaging from moisture.

Rain on a window - moisture is not amongs the makings of a decent climate controlled storage.
Keep the moisture away.

There are two ways to keep this from happening. It is by using either mechanical dehumidifiers or desiccant. The second one is a solution that causes you to waste less energy, although it is also less efficient than mechanical ones. Mechanical dehumidifiers, on the other hand, use refrigerants to remove moisture from the air. Even though they waste a lot of energy, they can work under extreme conditions.

What are the makings of a decent climate controlled storage

So now that you know a little bit about what climate controlled storage is, let’s talk about how to actually create one. Are there any things that you can do in order to ensure your items are safe from harm and moisture? The answer, of course, is yes. First, you can look into storage companies near you and see what kind of units there are. You will want to pick the one that offers the best security and the best control over the elements within the unit.

Then, you will want to take the extra step and secure your items when packing them for the unit. First, clean up your items well. This way, you will not be getting excess of dirt and grime inside your unit. Take very good care of fabrics – they are the easiest to damage and tear. You can even consider getting an acid-free packing paper for them. When it comes to wooden items, you will want to wax them a couple of weeks before the storage. This will help keep them dry and in place.

A puppy in a cloth.
Clean the fabrics well before storing them away.

When packing items in the boxes, use silicon packets. These will help keep your items dry and stop any mildew from forming inside the box. This way, you will not get a nasty surprise when you finally open the box after storage. Another one of the makings of a decent climate controlled storage is the absence of light inside of it. This is because light exposure can make some paints fade away – so look into it when picking your unit. Finally, avoid putting your electronics on the ground. The batteries can die from exposure to cold in this way. Instead, use shelving or wood pellets to lift these boxes up.


To conclude, the makings of a decent climate controlled storage unit are pretty clear. These are the units that will allow you to control not only the temperature but also the air flow inside. This way, you will keep moisture away and your items safe. It’s also a smart idea to look into the storage units with extra security. If you feel stuck, you can always consult professional Manhattan movers. They will have the storage solution you need!

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