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Midtown is the central portion of New York City. Perfect place to move if you are an ambitious business person. If you move to Midtown you can easily enjoy walks on Time Square, enjoy Broadway shows, or work for some of the greatest corporations based in this part of NYC. However, the only downside of Midtown NYC is that it can be an expensive place to live. If you already have decided to move to Midtown, this article is perfect for you. Our moving company prepared Midtown moving guide that will make your relocation stress free.

Midtown moving guide – 2020 edition

The moving process can be hard and stressful, but if you follow our guide you will have an easy move. If you have a living space question sorted out you should make a good relocation plan. However, if you are not sure where to start our Midtown moving guide will help you. You can start by hiring a moving company. They are professionals that will help you achieve a stress-free moving experience. Read the reviews and based on them chose the perfect movers for you. We advise you to contact Manhattan moving service, they will help you make your decision. Also, the moving companies can offer you to pack everything into the boxes for you, and also they can help you rent storage units. It is always good to have experienced movers by your side. Therefore choosing a good moving company is a must.

A man talking on the phone
Choose a good moving company for your Midtown relocation

There is one more thing to consider. If you are relocating to a smaller apartment you will need storage.  Here are some tips on how to pick the right storage unit in Manhattan. First of all, you need to do some research on storage units Manhattan has to offer. Keep in mind that if you are going to store artworks or antiques you will need a climate-controlled storage unit. Also, you will need to measure your belongings. That way you will know how much space do you need inside your storage unit. And last but not least tip is to pack everything and make sure your belongings are protected and ready to be stored.

Midtown moving guide – How to move from house to the apartment

Unfortunately in Midtown, you will have to live in an apartment. Moving from house to apartment can be challenging. There are some things you can do to make it an easier transition.

  • Make a checklist – The first thing you will need to do is to make a checklist and do everything according to the plan you made. Put everything on paper and double-check everything.
  • Declutter your home – You should firstly declutter your home. Make yard or garage sale or donate your belongings that you are not planning on using anymore. Therefore if you are not going to use them what is the point of bringing them to your new home?
  • Pack everything – Find moving supplies and start packing. Keep in mind that you will need to label moving boxes in order to unpack them easier. Moreover, your movers can see which boxes contain fragile stuff in them and they will carry them with more caution.
  • Ask for help – You don’t have to do everything by yourself.  Ask your friends and family to help you with your packing. Moreover, it can be a fun bonding experience. You can also ask them to land you their suitcases to pack your belongings. However, there are some downsides of asking your friends to help you pack, especially if they don’t have time.
A family packing for the move
Handle your packing well

Midtown moving guide – relocation day

If moving day is approaching you should know a few more things. Prepare yourself an easy and healthy breakfast and enjoy your coffee one last time in your old leaving room.  You will need energy, therefore make sure you have enough energy bars and snacks throughout the day. However, this will be one long day and we advise you to prepare lunch you can store in a portable refrigerator. Don’t forget to drink water and stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough parking space before your Midtown movers arrive. Also, recheck your checklist once again, and make sure your essentials are packed.

Unpacking tips and tricks

After your movers drop off your boxes to the new location it is time to unpack. We have prepared unpacking after the move to the Midtown guide for you. If you have labeled properly your boxes you will be able to unpack in no time. However, you might have to clean your new apartment, and the first box to unpack should be the one with cleaning supplies. After that, you should plug all of your appliances and assemble your furniture. The next thing to do is to unpack your boxes and start with the bathroom and the kitchen supplies boxes. You should also call your friends to help you unpack. Unpacking can be more fun than packing. You can take as many brakes you want because you are not in the hurry.

After unpacking what are things you can do in Midtown

There are some amazing things you can do and see in Midtown NY, and we prepared a shortlist of places you need to visit. If you are someone who loves music and theater you will need to visit Radio City Music Hall and Broadway. Have cocktails at St Cloud Rooftop and have an amazing view on Times Square. You should also visit Bryant Park, a perfect place to run away from the hectic life and traffic. Moreover, it offers outdoor concerts and movie screenings during the summer, and ice skating and holiday shopping during the winter. One more thing you should visit is the Museum of Modern Art and New York Public Library.

An ice skating ring
There is always something fun to do in Midtown

Midtown moving guide –  conclusion

Midtown is the perfect place to move if you are an ambitious and work-oriented person. If you follow our instructions, we guarantee you will have stress free relocation. If you have any questions feel free to contact your moving company. Good luck with your move.

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