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It can be quite challenging to suddenly live in a quite smaller place then you used to. This happens when you are moving from a house to an apartment. Usually, people who are moving away for the first time rent an apartment as opposed to buying a house. However, it can be quite tricky to adjust to living in a smaller apartment. It can be even more difficult to decide which item to move with moving companies Brooklyn. For this reason, here is how to adapt to this huge change. 

Moving from a house to an apartment in a building complex
It will feel strange to live in an apartment as opposed to living in a house

Find a storage unit  

If you can’t say goodbye to your precious items, you can always store them at storage NYC. Renting a storage unit has many benefits. First of all, it gives you that additional storage space that your new small apartment doesn’t have. You can store seasonal clothes here, Christmas decorations, sports equipment, some pieces of furniture, and so much more. In addition to this, you should try to find a storage facility that is quite near to your building. This way, you can always visit your unit whenever you want without spending too much time on commuting. 

Moving from a house to an apartment by decluttering your household 

The biggest moving task when you are relocating to an apartment, besides finding moving and storage companies NYC, would be to declutter your home. For the obvious reason, you cannot possibly fit all the items from your huge house into a small apartment. How to declutter your home? It would be wise to start from one room and then continue to the rest of your household. Be a little bit merciless when you are decluttering your items. You can easily replace and buy new pieces. In addition to this, throw away old items that you have not used in a long time, that are broken, damaged, and overall, in a bad shape. 

rustic decorated room
Bring only pieces and items in good condition or the ones you are using often

What do with the items you will not move? 

You have four options. 

  • Sell them – You can organize a garage sale or list your items on the Internet 
  • Donate – contact local charities or bigger ones such as goodwill or the Salvation Army USA 
  • Give the items to your friends and family members
  • Throw away 

In addition to this, for the first three options, your items should be in good condition. Invite your friends and family members over and let them choose an item. Then, you can either try to sell your items or you can divide which items you want to sell and which ones you want to donate. 

As you can see, decluttering your home is the best way to organize your move from a big house to a smaller apartment. Instead of making huge storage of your apartment, choose items you wish to have in your new place. For this reason, you can always rent the storage unit or simply cut down on your collection. 

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