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There comes a time in every relationship where you start to consider moving in together. It’s a big step forward. And not something that should be taken lightly. It’s also a very happy time, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and to do everything properly. From hiring quality movers NYC to making sure that everything goes according to plan. And while moving in together in 2020 presents its own challenges, it can be done without issues. Here’s a guide that will help you prepare and execute your relocation with your significant other.

Preparing for moving in together in 2020

Moving in together with another person is a big step. And a big change in both of your lives. And it’s not something that should be taken on lightly. That’s why it’s important to take things slow and prepare properly. And that involves talking, doing activities together, and weighing pros and cons before you start your life together.

couple talking
Slowly prepare for the relocation and talk with your partner

Take things slowly when moving in together

While you are probably excited to move in with your significant other, you should remember to take things slow. It’s a pivotal time in your relationship. And rushing through things can but a roadblock on it. Relocation can be stressful, especially when moving in together in 2020. And you don’t want that stress to be translated to your relationship. So, make a good plan and take things slow. You’ll have your entire life to enjoy each other’s company. 

Get advice from others who’ve moved in together

One of the best things that you can do before moving in together is to talk to others. Preferably elders who can give you advice on living with someone else. You might have lived with a roommate before. But moving in with a significant other is a whole different story. You won’t be just sharing living space. You will also be sharing your lives. 

Select a good place for moving in together in 2020

Moving in together means that both of you will have to share a home. But, even though you might just want to live with your significant other at all costs, you need to consider all angles. And part of it is selecting a good location for your life together. You might see moving to the Upper West Side as a good idea. But your partner might find it too far away from work. It’s important to make compromises and find a place that suits you both.

person with a finger on a map
Consider all of your options and communicate with your partner about the location of your new home

Take everything into consideration

Moving in together in 2020 or any other years for that matter has its own challenges. And you need to take every aspect into consideration. For example, if you have them, you’ll have to prepare your pets for relocation. And for subsequent life together with another person and possibly another pet. It can be a challenging time for your furry friends. And they will need support and love throughout the moving and adjustment process.

Planning your relocation

You’ve talked to each other, to others who live together and you’ve selected a perfect apartment. Now it’s time to plan your relocation and execute it. There’s a lot that needs to be done. Some things you should do on your own. While others should be done together. Moving in together in 2020 has its own challenges. So, make sure you follow the COVID-19 advice by WHO and make your relocation safe. So, select movers who follow the procedures. Make sure to wear masks during your relocation. And disinfect after the movers leave. 

Find a good moving company when moving in together in 2020

Finding a good moving company is a must in every relocation. And moving in together in 2020 is no different in that regard. You’ll both need to have movers load and transport your belongings. And you need to be able to rely on your movers to do a good and safe job. Selecting a trustworthy company like Divine Moving and Storage will make your relocation faster and easier. You’ll have more free time on your hands to handle other tasks. And to devote it to planning your new life together and getting your new home ready. 

couple fighting
With reliable movers, you will avoid stress and potential arguments

Declutter before moving in together in 2020

You are about to merge your life with your partner’s. And unless you are able to afford a gigantic apartment with plenty of storage, you will have to get rid of some items. One of the best ways to do it is to declutter before moving in together. So, before packing your apartment, go through your belongings, and identify items that you are no longer using. Or no longer need. You can then either throw those items away, donate or sell them. 

Synchronize your moving efforts

Both of you will have to do your own part when it comes to this relocation. But, what’s important is that you synchronize your relocation efforts. You will both need to select items to pack, pack them, and have movers transport them. It’s important to be there to help each other. And to agree on who will bring what to your new home. You probably won’t need two of everything. And some items will have to go to storage NYC or be sold or donated. So, talk to each other and make a list of items that you will need. As well as one containing items that are leftover.

Life after moving in together in 2020 

After you’ve successfully moved in together with your partner it’s time to enjoy your life together. Things will be different. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Some things will be tougher, while most others will be easier. What’s important is to respect each other and each other’s lives and habits. And in no time you will learn to function and thrive together.

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