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Seniors Moving In NYC? Divine Moving and Storage Has You Covered!

Moving is exhausting even for people who are in the prime of their life, let alone the elderly. Someone who needs support with their everyday life will need a lot of help when moving to a new home. Whether they want to live closer to their family, downsize, enjoy a warmer climate or get greater care, a move can be tough on senior citizens. Our tips for moving with seniors will make the whole process easier for them and you. Here’s what you need to know.

Preparing the new home for seniors

Plan the layout of the new house in detail. Cut out furniture templates and a floor plan will be of great help. The less strange the new home feels, the smoother the transition will be. Surround your loved ones with happy memories and comfortable pieces of furniture. To make the new place homier, have your furniture movers bring all the essential parts from their previous home.

Special features

A home for seniors requires some unique features to make everyday life a little easier for them. To accommodate the senior’s needs, you might have to add a few things, such as an elevator, an electric stair lift, an accessible bathtub, a stool for seating or safety rails inside the tub, a ramp outside the front door, etc. Again, you should think about these things well in advance since they take time to install, plus, they don’t come cheap.

Finding new doctors and other care specialists

Having reliable doctors is vital at any age. However, seniors frequently need their doctors a little more often. That is why it is crucial to find new doctors for your elderly loved ones as soon as you can. If you are moving with seniors to a new town or state, schedule an appointment with the new doctors and notify the old ones a few months before the move.

Two older women, one sitting the other one standing on the beach, looking at the sea
If possible, take your elderly loved ones on vacation for a couple of days while their home is being moved.

Travel logistics

This part of the organization depends on the health and mobility of the seniors. For example, if you are moving with seniors by car,  crossover SUVs, minivans, and sedans are the most suitable vehicles. If you choose air travel, be sure to ask for a wheelchair and any other additional services on time.

The change of address

There is a long list of people and institutions to notify of the change of address. Do not leave that task to the elderly. Notify friends, family, the post office, publications, associations, banks, etc. Make sure there are no unpaid bills and take care of the transfer or termination of utilities.

Seniors in NYC Get Divine Moving and Storage to Make Moving Out Easier Than Ever!”

Seniors usually can’t (and shouldn’t) do much work, and you can’t do it all by yourself. When you need help moving your elderly parents or grandparents, your first call should be family members and/or friends. In addition to lifting boxes, they can provide the kind of emotional support professional residential movers NYC can’t offer.

If you need extra help with packing, loading, and unloading, consider a full-service moving company. Senior citizen moving companies specialize in this type of relocation, which means they have sufficient knowledge as well as experience. 

Make sure to call your helpers well in advance so that they can clear their schedule. That includes professional help, too. Your preferred moving company might be unavailable unless you call them on time.

A younger person's hand holding an older woman's hand, professional assistance in moving with seniors
Find an NYC moving company with experience in moving with seniors.

Decluttering before moving with seniors

Getting rid of clutter on a regular basis is a healthy habit every household should acquire. Before moving, decluttering is necessary, especially when relocating to a smaller space. Senior citizens tend to hold on to memories they have been collecting their entire life, and that is perfectly understandable. However, moving to a smaller home requires eliminating excess items. Besides, moving services NYC cost less with fewer things to move. 

Deciding what has to go is the hardest part. The rest is easy. Contact a local charity or junk removal service and have them take those unwanted items off your plate (if they are still in good condition). If you decide that some items should stay in the family for future generations, choose the right NYC storage unit and keep them there.

Packing the essentials box

Having all the essentials in one place will help seniors a lot on the moving day. That is the first box you should unpack, so make sure it does not get misplaced or buried in other boxes. This box should contain their medicines, a change of clothes, toiletries, trash bags, first aid kit, towels, bedding, a tea/coffee pot, and other items they will need as soon as they arrive.

How to deal with the emotional side of moving

Our elderly loved ones may have a hard time accepting the fact that they are leaving home they have occupied for decades. Sure, the whole point of relocating to a new home is making their life more comfortable, but leaving so many memories behind can be tough. And that is entirely normal. After all, a house full of family memories is always hard to say goodbye to. These feelings should be embraced, not ignored, and they will eventually go away.

The face of an old man, frowning, showing concern; black and white photo
Moving home can be a significant stressor for the elderly.

However, this kind of sadness sometimes turns into a bigger problem. Seniors are more prone to melancholy and certain psychological issues, including Relocation Stress Syndrome. It is our responsibility to get our loved ones throughout this period. Be there for them every step of the way, offering physical and emotional support, watching out for the signs of depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues.

Tired of Moving and Storage Woes? Divine Moving and Storage Offers Seniors in NYC the Perfect Solution!

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