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When using storage space, a lot depends on the amount of stuff you are moving. It’s common knowledge that the price of the storage unit depends on its size. Of course, there are other factors as well, but the size is the most important one. So, if you have a chance to get smaller size storage, try to do so. How do you move from a bigger storage unit to a smaller one? Just get rid of all the stuff you won’t really need. That will make moving your stuff from one storage unit to another so much easier, and you will save a certain amount of money. Let us help you find a few ways to separate your stuff and distinguish what really belongs in the bin and what belongs in the donation basket.

Get rid of anything with an expiration date before moving your stuff from one storage unit to another

So, before you call some of the best movers in Manhattan to schedule moving your belongings, make sure you’ve checked all the items well. You’d be surprised how many people leave medicine, food, or similar stuff in their storage units. It becomes useless within months and the rest of the time it spends inside a storage unit, it’s just taking space.

A person is writing a list
Moving your stuff from one storage unit to another is much easier if you put everything on paper first.

Get rid of the stuff you’re not using anymore

Make a big list and use it to separate stuff into two groups. There’s stuff you will need in the near or far future, and there is stuff you probably won’t use even once and should donate. So, let’s see what kind of stuff people usually keep but never use:

  • Souvenirs – most of them are small and nice. However, you can often encounter some big, cheap pieces that you keep for no reason except for hoarding
  • Sports equipment – unless it’s some basic equipment you’ll start using soon, you should sell it or donate
  • Clothes – carefully go through it and choose what to sell, what to donate, and what you’ll keep

This isn’t something you should do only when you’re moving. You should clean your storage unit more often than that.

Furniture can take a really big amount of space

People often opt to sell their furniture before the move. Especially if it’s old and there’s too much of it. There’s a good reason for that. You want to deal with as few items as possible when moving your stuff from one storage unit to another. So, if you have any furniture items you don’t need, make a list, put a price on them, and sell them. It doesn’t matter if you are renting a 24 hour storage Manhattan has to offer or some long-term storage unit, the less stuff the better, especially since furniture pieces are the largest parts of your possessions.

There are two sofas in a storage unit.
If you don’t need some furniture that you own, either sell it or donate it, just get rid of it.

Visit a charity before moving your stuff from one storage unit to another

There might be stuff someone is in dire need of and you are trying to get rid of the same thing. So, before you call Divine Moving and Storage NYC and start moving your stuff from one storage unit to another, try to do a good deed if there’s an opportunity. No matter if it’s a piece of clothes, furniture or just some old tools, you might make someone’s life much nicer. Try to find a charity near you and ask them for a list of stuff they need. Maybe you have just what they ask for.

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