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Are you moving to New York City? Looking for NYC Short Term Storage? You can look forward to choosing between over 24,0000 restaurants and eateries with delicious food.

moving to NY

However, moving to New York is about more than just the food, even if they have amazing pizza. After all, you want to avoid getting stuck visiting tourist sites when you’re living there.

The well-known tourist places will be crowded and expensive. There’s also a chance you’ve already seen most of them. Now that you’ll live here, you need to find those wonderful places that locals enjoy.

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Divine Moving and Storage in NYC has some recommendations for places in NYC to keep you busy if you’re a new resident. Here are our top eight.

1. Visit the New York Public Library

One of the first places to visit is the New York Public Library. It’s a must-see for tourists and a beloved spot for locals. After all, can you consider yourself a true New York resident if you’ve never borrowed a book from the local public library?

Because the library is extensive, locals recommend visiting the Central Branch (also called the main branch). Additionally, if you’re into architecture or photography, you’ll love this building. It was constructed in the early 20th century and is a sight to behold.

Entering inside, you’re treated to an impossible number of books in which to lose yourself. This place is a must-see for any bibliophile.

2. Visit the East Village – Don‘t Be Stuck Moving All Season Get the NYC Short Term Storage Solution You Need Now With Divine Moving!

If you want local entertainment, then East Village in Manhatten is a must. Through the graffitied streets of East Village, you’re treated to bars, comedy shows, book shops, and even discreet speakeasies.

If you’re on the punk scene, we at Divine Moving and Storage in NYC encourage you to visit St. Mark’s Place. This is considered the “epicenter of American punk,” and locals recommend you stop by. Nearby you’ll find some local bars you can grab a drink to quench your thirst after a long day.

3. Walk Through Northern Central Park

Almost everyone knows Central Park, especially if you watched the popular TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, set in New York City. However, the locals say that if you visit Central Park on the southern end, you’ll be inundated with visitors and tourists spanning every direction.

While there may be times you can visit Central Park when there are fewer people, locals suggest visiting Northern Central Park instead. To go for a gentle stroll around the park, it’s recommended that you enter on the east side of 86th Street, near the Central Park Reservoir.

4. Get an Influencer Shoot for the Gram

After moving to NY and settling in, at Divine Moving and Storage in NYC, we say now’s the time to find some local spots in NYC. The city of New York makes a fantastic backdrop in a photoshoot, so announce your move to NYC by booking a private influencer shoot.

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There are companies in NYC that you can contact about this type of shoot who will discuss your objectives with you. This is a great local activity if you’re a blogger or influencer, as these photos will look great on your Instagram account.

living in NY

5. Escape to Pier 57 Rooftop Park

If you want to enjoy the riverfront without the crowds, locals advise avoiding Little Island, a popular tourist spot. Instead, if you venture next door, you’ll find one of the best places to go in NYC: Pier 57. Talk a walk down the pier until you arrive at the entrance to the rooftop park.

You can find spectacular views of the Hudson River, Little Island, and downtown Manhattan here. While the views alone are reason enough to visit, there’s also the local cuisine. If you get hungry, you can grab something tasty in the food hall on the bottom floor.

6. Get Free Entertainment in NYC Parks

After handling your storage and moving to NYC, you’re only a true local when you seek out free things to do. When living in NY, hanging out where the tourists do becomes expensive. Instead, review the local park calendars for free movies, comedy shows, concerts, tours, and more.

However, this is something usually to be reserved for the warmer months. Spring and summer are typically chock-full of free programs you can drop in on, such as Summerstage and Free Summer Concerts.

7. Catch an Empire State Building Sunrise

Even when you’re a local, a trip to New York would only be complete with a visit to the Empire State Building. After all, it’s iconic.

Here you can visit several observation decks, each with its own beautiful city vista. Unfortunately, the more popular decks, such as One World Observatory and Top of the Rocks, after often incredibly crowded with visitors and tourists.

However, not many tourists know about the sunrise experience you can attend. The Empire State Building offers visitors a few hours in the morning on a Saturday to watch the sunrise. Warning, the number of visitors admitted is limited, so ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.

8. Gaze Amazing Vistas on the Manhattan Bridge

Almost everyone wants to visit the Brooklyn Bridge, especially if they’ve seen movies like Godzilla, Deep Impact, Manhattan, and Saturday Night Fever. However, if you do, you’ll be one of many visiting this iconic attraction.

However, locals encourage you to visit the Manhattan Bridge, found nearby, if you want to avoid the crowds. Even if you’re not interested in the bridge architecture or the walk, you’ll still be treated to the most amazing views, so it’s worth visiting.

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As a new resident of New York, you want to avoid visiting the expensive touristy places around the city. Instead, hang out where the locals do, such as places like East Village for divine cuisine, Pier 57 for spectacular views of the famous Hudson River, announcing your arrival in NYC with an influencer shoot.

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