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When the time for relocation arrives you need to think about many different things. From finding the right moving company to making sure that everything is ready for the move. Divine Moving and Storage can take care of the moving part. But, unless you are hiring professional packers, you need to take care of the rest. So, when it comes to packing and storing delicates, you need to know how to properly pack everything. And how to protect your most fragile items. Both during relocation and when putting them in storage.

You need a good plan for packing and storing delicates

Just like with any other moving activity, having a good plan can make things easier. Packing and storing delicates might seem like a straightforward task. But, not all items are the same. Some require you to pack them individually. While others should be packed in specially designed boxes. So, you need to have a good plan. If you are renting storage NYC you need to plan out how you will be storing your items. And if you are getting ready for the relocation, you should plan your packing so you have enough time to pack everything properly.

packing and storing delicates
Packing and storing delicates can seem complicated. But with a good plan, it is easy

There’s a lot that goes into packing and storing delicates. And good preparations mean fewer errors and in turn minimal chance for broken items.

Make a list of items you will be packing

After you’ve assessed the situation it’s time to make a detailed list of everything that you plan on packing. Both fragile and sturdy. That will give you a pretty good idea of what you need to buy. And it will make finding packing supplies in NYC easier. With a list of everything that you will be packing, you can sort out fragile from non-fragile items. And focus on finding proper moving boxes for those items. 

You need quality packing supplies when packing and storing delicates

One thing that is very important when packing and storing delicates is the type of packing supplies you are using. There are many types of moving boxes. Some are big, some are small. And some are specially designed for certain items. No matter what type you are buying, one thing is very important. They need to be of good quality. So, when buying moving boxes NYC, always choose quality over price or convenience. A few dollars that you save on your packing materials can cost you a lot more if something breaks. You don’t necessarily need overly-expensive supplies. But make sure that they can hold their weight. Another alternative is using plastic bins, which can hold much more weight. 

kid inside a box in which people will be packing delicates
It’s important to pick the right type of moving boxes for your delicate items

Carefully choose the types of boxes for your items

Choosing quality moving boxes is just half of the story. Even the most expensive cardboard box won’t be able to hold too much weight. It’s a general rule that the bigger the box the less it can carry. So, it’s worth buying a bit more of those smaller boxes than you need. And if you happen to have extras once you are done, there are some great DIY ideas for repurposing moving boxes. But, having more boxes means that you’ll be able to better separate your items. It will further minimize the chance of something breaking. And you’ll be able to optimize the load for the maximum capacity. 

Don’t overpack your boxes

An important tip when it comes to packing and storing delicates is not to overcrowd your boxes. Both when moving as well as when putting things in storage. If you need to apply pressure so something would fit inside a box it will most likely break. When packing glass belongings for transport, for example, you should give them ample space inside the box. And fill it with either crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts. Not having enough divider space between them will most likely result in broken glass or two. 

Clean the items before you put them in storage

Delicate items are, as the name says, very sensitive. So, make sure you give them the best chance of survival before packing and putting them in storage. And a simple cleaning can do wonders in that regard. It doesn’t matter if you are storing antique furniture or crystal glasses. You should always clean and polish sensitive items before storing them. Especially if you plan to have those items in storage for a long time. Even a simple thing as dust can ruin some objects.

individually wrap items when packing and storing delicates
It’s always a good idea to individually wrap each fragile items

Individually wrap items when packing and storing delicates

Another great tip when packing and storing delicates is to individually wrap each item. Especially if you are putting it in a box with other items. No matter how much filler material you put in, there’s always a chance that something will scratch them. You can use packing paper for this. Avoid using newspapers as it can live a residue on certain delicate items. And if you are downsizing your home, for example, those items might be in storage for quite some time. And long-term exposure to chemicals in the lettering can do some serious damage. Aside from that, you should also consider individually wrapping items that are alone in their box. Just to minimize the chance of scratching them when unpacking.

Always label moving boxes with delicates

Moving day can sometimes seem chaotic. As you are finishing up packing your movers will be loading your boxes onto a truck. And they need to be able to clearly see what is inside. Even when working with the best moving companies Queens you should make sure that everything is properly labeled. A simple fragile sight will do just fine. And if something shouldn’t be tipped over make sure you put an arrow and write “this side up”. 

Properly packing and storing delicates takes more time but it’s worth it

While all of this might seem a little complicated, always remember that it’s worth it. It will take a little longer to do. But, in the end, you’ll be able to unpack smoothly. Knowing that nothing got broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged during the move. You should follow these guidelines even when putting things in storage. As you never know when you might need to relocate your storage unit. And it never hurts to have clean and properly packed items waiting for you to use them. So, just take it slow, don’t rush through it. And you’ll finish packing and storing delicates in no time. 


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