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When moving with children, you are sure to face various challenges along the way, including the tedious task of packing all your kids possessions for the move. Your kid is likely the one with the most things to pack in your household. Just look at all those toys…The thing is that you wouldn’t want to start packing your kids’ stuff too early in the process for fear of disrupting their routine and thus introducing even more stress for your young ones during the moving process. So you’re going to need a good plan. Luckily, we at Divine Moving & Storage are here to help you. We’ll go over things like where to start, which items to pack and which ones to leave behind, how to protect all their things for the move, and also if your kids should be involved in the packing job too. As well as some of our best packing hacks for busy parents.

When and where to start the packing process?

If you lead a very busy lifestyle and you have little to no room for inconveniences and changes in schedule, we highly suggest hiring a moving company. Some moving companies provide packing services as well. So that you can skip that step completely. However, if you are going to pack your household yourself, we are happy to share with you some of our best tips. If you are asking yourself when to start packing for a family relocation, the answer is simple. As soon as you are certain that you are moving, you should get to packing, especially if you have kids. But make sure to leave their toys and games for last and pack your things first.

a family packing together
Packing with kids around can be quite hectic.


This is one of the more important parts of a successful move. Needless to say, the less stuff you need to pack and move the better. You should never start packing without sorting your items first. By decluttering a room prior to packing it up, you’ll need way fewer packing supplies. And you’ll keep your transportation costs to a minimum if you have a lower number of items you’re moving to the new home. Unless your kids are too young to understand what’s happening, it’s smarter to sort out and declutter their room in their presence in order to avoid possible disputes after the move. Encourage your kids to separate their things themselves into these two piles:

  • The must-take pile – all the things they still want and use
  • The leave-behind pile – the things that your kid no longer wants or needs, plus all the things that are too broken, worn out or outgrown

Preparing the essentials

After decluttering, the next step is getting some sturdy moving boxes and other moving supplies. You are going to need quite a few. Feel free to contact us for the best quality moving supplies NYC. When you have acquired your supplies, you can officially start your packing process. Moving with kids is oftentimes quite hectic so it’s important to stay organized. The trick is you and your angels will still need access to your most essential everyday items even when your things are in transit between the two homes. To put it another way, packing up your household will also mean that you will have to prepare essentials boxes for you and your kids as well. Their essential box should include their favorite toys and games, a change of clothes, toiletries, wet wipes, and medication.

Packing hacks for busy parents

When we are talking about packing up your kids’ stuff, there are several distinct challenges you’re likely to face. Your kids likely have a lot of large toys and maybe even heavy doll houses or play pretend kitchen toys. After packing the essential box, you should slowly start packing their other toys and games as well. When packing their books and their toys and games, you should be extra careful. We’ll now share our top packing hacks for these items.

How to pack your books for the move?

  • Sort out your children’s books prior to packing – gift or donate the ones you aren’t taking
  • You should pack all the copies you are moving into small to medium-size cardboard boxes that are strong, dry, and damage-free
  • Wrap the more valuable books in some soft packing paper first
  • Do not arrange any of the books with their spines facing upward to prevent damage
a baby going through books
If you use these packing hacks for busy parents, you won’t have any problem with damage during your move.

How to pack your kid’s toys and games for the move?

  • Go through all your kids’ toys and board games and decide which ones you will pack and move, and which ones are to be donated
  • Gift or donate all the toys and games from the leave behind a pile
  • Wrap the more fragile and delicate toys – action figures, dolls, ones with many moving parts, etc. – in soft wrapping paper first, then in bubble wrap for protection
  • Keep the smaller items and accessories in plastic bags so they’re safe and secured
  • Pack large toys and games in their original boxes, if you still have them. If you don’t, use cardboard ones that are similar in size. Be careful when packing and moving Lego sets.
a baby playing with a bunch of toys
Don’t forget to double wrap the delicate pieces.

Involve your kids in the packing process

Packing is one of the toughest and the most time-consuming tasks during a house move. Our best advice is that you should not turn down lightly any extra help. Whether it is from your friends, or a family member, or your kids even.  Of course, if they are old enough. If your child is able and wanting to help you sort out and pack their own room, let them get involved in the packing job as much as they can. Keeping your kids involved will make them feel useful and engaged in the moving process just like their mom and dad are. It might even make them a little proud of themselves.

Once you have packed all your belongings, you’re ready to hit the road. Put your little angels in their car seats and make sure to play music and sing with them on the road. It’s bound to be a fun experience for them. We hope our packing hacks for busy parents will be useful to you.

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