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Being a student can be the best time of your life. A lot of people say that student years were the best years of their life. And we couldn’t agree more. If you are a student at Queens College, Queensborough Community College, or York College and you do not like living on campus, renting an apartment is the way to go. All you need to do is to make a budget and start looking for rental apartments. For that reason, our moving company made this article. Read our Queens for students – the ultimate guide to have a better idea of how to relocate to Queens like a pro.

Queens for students – step by step guidelines

If you are a student and you are moving to Queens you might consider renting an apartment or moving to a dorm. You will have considerably fewer belongings than if you live on the College campus. However, if you decide to move to an apartment you should consider hiring some of the student movers NYC has to offer. We know you will be excited about the move. However, you will need to stay focused and make a perfect plan. Therefore, these are the things you need to do:

  • Make a good checklist. You need to make a checklist of belongings you are planning to move to Queens as a student. And the best advice we can give you is to recheck everything the night before the moving day.
  • Prepare enough packing supplies. You can easily order moving boxes online or you can ask your friends and family if they have moving boxes and suitcases to lend you. However, do not forget to return them.
  • Pack everything. You will need to pack your essential items first. Then you should pack your wardrobe and here is one easy tip for doing that – roll up your clothes instead of folding them they will take less space in your moving boxes and you can easily fill in space between your fragile items.
  • Prepare your book collection for the move.  Moving your book collection can be easier if you follow our tips. You should put a few towels on the bottom of your suitcase wrap your books in the old newspaper and pack them in your suitcase. Therefore, not only will you pack them easily, but you will also carry them with ease in your suitcase.
a woman labeling the package
Protect your items before you pack them

How to find an apartment in Queens?

Before you can hire moving companies Queens has to offer, you will need to have a new living space. The rent in Queens stars at 550$ a month, so you might consider having a roommate. Having a roommate can be the best experience in your life. Moreover, you will never feel alone, especially if your best friend or significant other is planning to move to Queens as a student. However, make sure to look at a few apartments before you choose your new living space. You can also negotiate the rent with your landlord.

Having a good landlord might be the most important thing when you are moving to the apartment. You will need to have a good relationship with them. Also, make sure you sign the contract and have the list of items in the apartment that belong to your landlord, so there won’t be an issue when you decide to move out. If you are moving with your pets you will need to have permission. Moreover, you do not want to get evicted because you moved in with your pet. If the apartment is not pet-friendly keep looking. Also if you are moving to Queens as a student you will need to find a quiet apartment to be able to study in peace.

two guinea pigs eating carrot
Before you can move in with your pets your landlord needs to give you permission

Things you can do in Queens as a student

There are a lot of amazing things to do in Queens, especially for students. Right after your moving company finishes your relocation, and you unpack you should explore all beauties of living in Queens as a student. If you are an outdoorsy type of person you should most definitely visit some of these places:

  • Gantry Plaza State Park –  located in the Long Island Queens, it is a big open space with a dog park, place for sand volleyball and it is also the perfect place to have a picnic with your friends. You will also have some of the best views of Manhattan, especially at sunset.
  • The Museum of Moving Image – one of the best things to do in Astoria Queens is to visit this museum. This unique museum is the only in the United States of America that is devoted exclusively to the history of art, movie, tv, and video technology.
  • Fort Totten Park – If you are lucky enough you might see the bald eagle when you visit this park. However, this is more than a beautiful park. Fort Totten is a Civil War memorial on the site of a Union fort. This will be the perfect place for students in Queens interested in history.

Queens for students – what else you need to know

Amazing food and nightlife are just one among many things Queens can offer to the students. If you do not believe us you should book a food tour in Queens, and yes, something like that really exists. Also, there are many breweries in Queens. However, except for the good food and drinks, students in Queens need to adjust to traffic. You will need to get used to using the subway to get anywhere. You can easily visit any part of NYC by simply getting on the subway train.

Traffic in Queens
If you are moving as a student to Queens you will need to adjust to public transportation.

Yet another thing, Queens public library is one of the largest in NYC. And this should be an important thing for all students in Queens. You can go there to finish your school work and also they will help you if you are seeking for a job in Queens.

This will conclude our Queens for students guide. We hope this will make your move to Queens that much easier. If you need more information feel free to contact your moving company. Good luck with your move.

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