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When you want to move, there are so many things you have to worry about. Deciding where to move, finding a reliable moving company, being properly organized, and of course, packing all your stuff. Packing is one of the hardest things you need to do when moving and the sheer amount of stuff you have lying around the house will make you dizzy. Well, our aim is to help you with this! However, this article will be a bit more specific. We will give you some quick tips for packing your bathroom! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Packing your bathroom – what’s to know?

Before you start looking for moving companies Long Island, make sure you know how to pack everything up. And that includes your bathroom. Being properly informed before you start the packing process will make everything much easier and smoother. And you want to be time-efficient when packing. In addition, time is not the only thing you have to keep in mind. You also need to pay attention to the way you pack stuff. You want your stuff to be secure and properly packed for the move. So, let’s see how to do it!

packing your bathroom
Here are tips for packing your bathroom with ease!

Shedding weight before the move

When you call a certain moving company, you will see that they base the cost of the move on weight. Therefore, it is smart to reduce the amount of weight you want to move. The best way to do this is to take all of your older appliances and see if they are worthy of keeping. If they are functional, but you have newer and better ones, you can even consider selling it. There are a couple of ways to sell old stuff. One of the best ways is having a garage sale. Shedding weight off your move and earning money in return. It is a win-win situation! However, it is not that easy to have a garage sale, so you should look up some tips for a successful garage sale. In addition, you can sell the stuff online, or just put it in 24-hour storage Manhattan. Storage units are a great way to postpone dealing with some of your stuff.

Pack towels by rolling them

Packing your appliances

Only when you decide to move, you see how much stuff you have accumulated throughout the years in your New York City apartment. When packing your appliances, it is vital to use their own boxes. If you threw them away, go to a hardware store and try to find ones of similar shape and size. Wrap them up and put it in a bigger box and tape it shut.

Packing liquids

If you have some high-quality cosmetic products that you do not want to throw away, make sure to close the lid with tape and wrapping paper. You should also put the products in a bag so you avoid damaging other items in case of a spill.

Packing mats and carpets

If you have small bathroom mats and carpets, you should roll them up and wrap them. This will ensure that your cargo is going to be safe during the move. With all that said, good luck with packing your bathroom for the move!

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