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Collecting fine art is an expensive and exciting hobby. However, it comes with particular challenges. For starters, you need someone to handle the packing and transportation of that artwork properly. Sure enough, galleries have professional artwork handlers in NYC that can take care of this for you. But what happens when you decide to relocate or when you need to transport some of that artwork? Are you going to risk its safety, or will you seek out professional moving services NYC? After all, hiring expert artwork handlers in NYC is one of the safest ways to ensure the safety of your fine art pieces.

The risk reduction it brings

Hole in wall - common when you fail to hire art handlers in NYC
Damaging your home is just one of the risks of not hiring art handlers in NYC

The difference between deciding to handle pieces of art by yourself and hiring experts to do it is straightforward. When you hire professionals, you can rest easy, knowing that your fine art will be protected and safe at all times, as well as yourself. Otherwise, you will need to worry about the following risks:

  • Different injuries. Expert artwork handlers in NYC know how to avoid injuries while moving and lifting heavy pieces of art and sculptures. They have the training and the equipment to do so. And it’s the smart move to make.
  • Risks of damaging your home. You don’t want to risk damages on your floors, ceilings, and walls during packing, moving and lifting your fine art. So, rather than risking doing any damage to your household, you should opt for professional artwork handlers in New York.
  • Damages on your precious artwork. What is more important than avoiding damaging your household is causing any harm to the artwork. After all, each piece of art is unique and demands experience and the proper equipment to handle. And professional packers NYC can offer you just that – and for a reasonable price.

Top 4 reasons to hire professional artwork handlers in NYC

We covered the risks that you can avoid with the help of experienced fine art movers. However, there are other reasons why you should opt for assistance. When you weigh in the knowledge, equipment, experience, and the range of services that most offer, you come across a combination of necessary skills.

Moving your antique furniture pieces, valuable paintings, and sculptures can lead to damages, crushes, and even the loss. So it is not surprising why art moving is a challenging task. But, if you hire professional art handlers and best local moving company NYC, the process of the relocation will be smooth and successful is guaranteed. You can be sure your valuable art collection will arrive safe and sound at your destination.

#1: Protective supplies for transport

Professional artwork handlers are highly trained to pack and wrap your precious art collection with the utmost care. They have specific strategies, packing supplies NYC, and knowledge to protect your art for transport.

Wooden crate marked 'Fragile'
You need the proper packing supplies to ensure the protection of your artwork.

#2: Exceptional services

Many collectors have suspicions about moving art with professionals. Some of them don’t trust art handlers, and some of them are worried about high-end moving services. But you should not hesitate. Professional artwork handlers have experience and skills to handle, take down, pack, and set up your fine art.

They understand all your concerns and anxiety. That’s why they provide you with friendly customer service, too. Also, their moving trucks are climate controlled, clean, and ready to transport everything from your art collection. Your art needs special treatment, so don’t hesitate to pay more money for the safety of your precious possessions.

#3: It offers professional protection and insurance

We understand that the transition of your art collection seems to you like a nightmare. So, ask your art handlers about insurance during transportation. Don’t worry, professionals are adequately equipped, and they take proper precautions of theft damage. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to check your fine art moving company and their personnel. Check their background and reviews, especially if you need to relocate artwork state-wide.

#4: Safe and secure setup

Expert artwork handlers in NYC understand the fragility of your art collection. That’s why they have specialized equipment and knowledge to use the equipment properly. Fine art movers know how to install your art piece properly. So, you don’t have to worry – everything goes smoothly and easily with professionals.

For professionals, installation is more than “putting a nail into a wall and hanging a painting,” they understand the value (emotional and financial) of your art collection. If you are not sure how accurately to install your art, don’t hesitate and contact professional art handlers. They are ready to protect your collection and to install it properly.

With expert artwork handlers in NYC, you can also count on storage for fine art

Besides transportation, you sometimes need a safe storage facility for your art collection. Of course, you want a secure, clean, dry, and well-maintained storage unit for your artwork. With art moving companies, you can count on storage facilities designed for storing art collections. These types of storage units have temperature regulations, fire protection, and climate controlled storage Manhattan. Also, they have alarms, video surveillance, sprinklers in case of fire, etc. With all these features, you can be sure your artwork is safe and protected.

Make sure to insure your artwork

Woman painting
Insuring your fine art is the smart choice.

Whether you need to transport your art collection locally or internationally, the transportation of artwork brings many risks. You don’t want your valuable items to end up damaged or lost. So, when you start planning your art relocation, make sure to get proper insurance. In this way, you will have a more relaxed and less stressful move. During the handling and shipping your artwork, you want to be sure it is adequately protected.

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