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Why You Should Move to NYC

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People have been moving to the great city of New York for centuries for all kinds of reasons, from excitement to necessity. If you are still on the fence about relocating to the Big Apple, allow us at Divine Moving & Storage to offer you some help reaching a decision and making the move. As an NYC moving company with decades of experience, we know everything New York has to offer, which is a lot. From hidden restaurant gems to the dazzling lights of Times Square and Broadway to everything in between, NYC truly has it all, and with the help of our movers, your Manhattan move will be less stressful.

Reasons to Move to NYC

Ellis Island is renowned for the vast number of people that began immigrating to the United States many, many years ago, but the influx of excited people looking for the unique qualities of living in New York has never disappeared. As an established NYC moving company, we’ve seen people move here for all kinds of reasons and to a variety of neighborhoods, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Our moving company can present you with some of the qualities of this city that are impossible not to love if your consideration of living in New York hasn’t convinced you yet.  


A distinct characteristic of NYC is the constant energy of the city. Everyone is always doing something in the fast-paced life of the city, and there is always something to do. No matter what time of the day or night, you will never run out of activities to do, places to see, or new foods to try. NYC isn’t called the “city that never sleeps” for nothing. Whether it’s a fun event or shopping till you drop, there’s an endless list of happenings in NY, ensuring you will never be bored.


Just as Ellis Island welcomed a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, New York continues to attract people from all over the world, resulting in a beautifully diverse population. The diversity of this city not only surrounds you with people from across the world; it also exposes you to new cuisines and new ways of viewing the world. New York has a little bit of everything and every one, providing you with an experience like no other. From models and celebrities to businessmen and women to low-living artists and extravagant billionaires, you’ll see and meet people from all walks of life on the busy streets of NYC. 

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The people aren’t the only diverse part of NY; there are many different attractions and opportunities for entertainment. Whether you’re a sports fan, Broadway addict, shopaholic, foodie, or academic, this city has everything you could ever be interested in.


If you’ve been craving the experience of living in a walkable city, then NY is the perfect place for you. There is no need for a car in a city full of taxis, buses, and the subway. All your essentials are only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Even if walking isn’t your preferred method of transportation, there are always other options, whether it’s skateboarding, biking, or scootering. Although NYC is a really big city, it’s just a collection of many communities. Each neighborhood has its unique traits and vibes. Whichever neighborhood you decide to call home in NYC, moving here will give you all you need within a few blocks, from grocery stores to restaurants and so much more.


Many find themselves relocating to NYC for the limitless opportunities the city offers. Yes, with more people there’s more competition, but there are so many opportunities you won’t even notice. New York is where big dreamers come to achieve their life’s goals, whether they have inspirations for performing on Broadway or becoming a Michelin star chef. With focus and determination, you can do anything and become anyone in NYC.

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New York is a hub for creativity and amazing art. There are so many art districts in New York, that a short walk down any street puts many art forms in your path, from street art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Chelsea and SoHo art districts. With the vast diversity of people here, there’s no telling what innovative or eccentric art you’ll get to enjoy here.   


If you’re a foodie, there’s no doubt that NYC is the place for you. You’ll find every type of cuisine imaginable, from the typical NY staple foods like pizza and bagels to authentic ethnic food of all kinds. New York has so many restaurants to try that you could eat at a new one every day and still not make it through the exhaustive list of them. Whether you prefer fine dining or a big slice of pizza, you can find exactly what you’re craving in NYC.

Iconic Sights 

An absolutely undeniable reason to love New York is the multitude of iconic sights, from Times Square and Broadway to Central Park and the Empire State Building. The skyline of NYC is literally what postcards are made of and it can be your home. There is so much rich history here for you to explore too. Whether you’re a history buff or architecture fanatic, there are plenty of museums and buildings to scratch any itch to discover more about this amazing city.

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Make Your Move to NYC Divine

New York City has so much to offer, but it is no easy move. Let the best resource for a Manhattan moving company, Divine Moving and Storage, help make your transition smooth and as stress-free as possible with our moving services. In our years of service as an NYC moving company, we’ve moved people all over the city. We know how to navigate the hustle and bustle of NYC streets and swiftly deliver valuable belongings safely. 


Our company is licensed, insured, and certified, ensuring you receive the best service from our movers. From Manhattan and Brooklyn to the Bronx and Queens, wherever you move our professional and expertly trained team handles your possessions with the utmost care so you don’t have to stress and can enjoy the experience of moving to a unique, new place. 

About Author

David Cohen, has been in moving for more than 20 years. The company David started, Divine Moving & Storage, stands apart from other NYC movers for our commitment to your satisfaction. We want you to use us again (and again, and again!) and refer your friends, family, and colleagues to us. Our dedication to your satisfactions and happiness means we work night and day to make your move hassle-free and stress-free. In other words, we want you to enjoy the best moving experience you’ve ever had–so you’ll come back to us next time.

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