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 “State-of-the-art technology meets your storage needs. Discover the fortress-like security measures that protect your valuables like a superhero’s secret lair! ?‍♂️? #AdvancedSecurity #SecureStorage”

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 “Enter the realm of secure storage. Our gated access ensures only authorized individuals can enter, adding an extra level of security to your storage experience. ?? #GatedAccess #SecureStorage”

Storing some items while you are changing business locations can be beneficial because it gives you time to organize as you go or store items that are to be sold at a later time. This allows you to set up your new location at your pace without a lot of clutter.


Many people realize the benefits of living in smaller homes and apartments. When you downsize, there may be some things you occasionally use that you don’t have room for at your new location. For example, if you like to camp in the summer you may not want all your equipment taking up space at your home the rest of the year.

“Double the locks, double the protection! We take security seriously, providing an extra layer of defense to keep your belongings secure. ?? #DoubleProtection #SecureStorage”

If you only live part time in a location, you may want to use storage services for part of the year. This can help you keep your possessions organized and stored properly, so they retain their condition. Our secure storage facility is climate controlled and monitored 24 hours a day.


Student housing can be small, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have things that you might want to have on hand at certain times of the year. Also, if you live in the area only during the academic year, it is much easier to store possessions for when you return instead of taking them with you or relying on less secure storage methods on campus.

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Divine Movers provides Manhattan storage as well as moving services throughout the greater New York City area. We can help you pack, move your things, and even put them into secure storage for you.


24 Hour Storage

“Eyes in the sky, watching over your prized possessions. Our storage facilities are equipped with 24/7 surveillance to ensure utmost security. ?? #ConstantWatch #SecureStorage”

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Black belt in customer service and moving related needs, planning successful moves across NYC for my clients is my goal (an easily achievable one) Born and raised in NYC working in the moving and storage industry for over 10 years. Beside going the all of NYC cross fit gyms I take the occasional break (most of the time on the subway) to read a good book.

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