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For every art lover, proper storing artwork and collectibles is a key concern when moving. These items mean a lot and they deserve the best possible treatment. Whether it will be on a short-term or on a long-term, preserving them and keeping safe is a must! And to do so, you will need some good, professional tips. Here is how you can store your valuables and keep them in the exact condition.

Preparation is crucial for storing artwork and collectibles

If you want to pack your belongings properly, you will need to put them into best condition before storing. This means cleaning everything. There is no room for dust, rust or any other unwanted spots. Whether you are storing paintings, silverware, antiques or other valuables, choosing the right cleaning product is very important. There is a big chance you will damage your items if you treat them with harsh chemicals. So, keep this in mind when you are buying cleaning products.

Storing artwork and collectibles like these pocket watches requires finesse.
Before you store your collectibles, make sure they are clean and dry.

Know how to pack

Knowing how to pack will save every item that you are preparing for transportation. Not to mention the importance of this step when storing artwork and collectibles. So, what is there to know?

  • Firstly, don’t forget to always pack heavier items on the bottom, and lighter ones on the top.
  • Secondly, you will need the right packing materials.

The right packing materials are the ones that will allow the air flow and circulation. Breathable materials keep your items fresh and will prevent them from catching mold.

And last but not least, make sure they don’t come in contact with cardboard or newspapers. They can be very acidic and cause severe damage to your belongings. In order to avoid this scenario, wrap them in acid-free materials and only after that you can put them in a box.

Be aware of…

In order to ensure the safety of your treasured belongings, packing them right won’t be enough. There are some things you will need to be aware of. Things like:

  • Bugs. Make sure your storage unit is bug-free before storing artwork and collectibles. Moths and similar bugs are known for destroying everything in their way.
  • Mold. Rapid changes in humidity and temperature lead to the growth of mold and mildew. And once it starts to grow, your artwork will be in danger. Be cautious and know how to keep your items safe.
  • Fading. If your storage unit has a window, keep your artwork and collectibles away from the sunlight. If they are exposed to the Sun all the time, it will lead to fading damage.
  • Acidic materials. Don’t keep your items in contact with acidic materials. Even newspapers can damage your valuables.

Document everything

Once you prepare your belongings for storing, write down all of them. Make a report in which you will take a notation of every item’s condition. When you have everything written down on paper, nothing will get lost. And once you want to move your items from the storage, you will know the exact number of stored artwork and collectibles. Organizing their move will be a piece of cake. Also, if possible, take photos of them. Photographs will show you in what condition your belongings were before you stored them. It will be easier for you to notice even the smallest damage on them.

Professional camera on laptop
Take photos before storing artwork and collectibles. It will help you keep track of them.

Pick the right storage unit

When it comes to storing artwork and collectibles, you will need a good storage NYC. Don’t go with the one you’ve just stumbled upon! Choose your storage wisely. First of all, think of the preferred location. It needs to be somewhat close to you so that you can be able to do routine checkups on your items. And secondly, it needs to be in perfect condition. If storage is damaged, has a hole or mold, it will ruin your precious belongings. If you end up with a storage in bad shape, fix every problem before you start storing your belongings in it.

Keep an eye on humidity levels

Most people forget to pay attention to humidity levels. Recommended levels of humidity should be around 50%. If humidity levels are above 60% or below 40%, damages like cracking paint or growing mildew can occur. Instead of risking, regularly stop by your storage and check humidity levels. You can do it by yourself by installing a special instrument hygrometer, or you can hire a professional. With this in control, your items will stay in perfect condition.

Hang them up

If it is possible, hang your artwork in the storage. You can install S hooks and hang all of them. The air flow will be better if they are not stacked on the floor. If you are not allowed to make changes to the storage that you are renting, you will need to stack your artwork. But, make sure you stack them vertically. If you lay them on top of another, their weight will damage the artwork that is on the bottom of a pile.

10 framed pictures on a white wall.
When you hang up your pictures, the possibility of them getting damaged is much lower.

Routine checkups

In the end, don’t forget to make routine checkups. You don’t need to stop by your storage unit every day or every week. But check it up at least once a month. Take your dog to a walk and make sure everything is okay. You will be able to inspect the storage from the outside, and from the inside. If you notice any damage, fix it.

And remember to inspect it for bugs. Even if unit next to yours catches moths, yours unit will be in danger, too. Now you can see why making regular checkups are important. Better safe than sorry. All in all, if you want to preserve your items, you’ll just have to follow our super easy tips. Storing artworks and collectibles, while keeping them safe at the same time, has never been easier!

Whether renovating your apartment, receiving an unexpected opportunity for a great job, or experiencing an emergency that necessitates getting your belongings and furniture out of your house in a hurry, it can be difficult not to mention stressful getting everything in order for a last minute move. Divine Moving & Storage is here to assist you through your transition and store your belongings for as long (or as short) as you need.

emergency packing and moving
Last minute moving and packing

Here at Divine Moving & Storage in NYC we know that while you try, you can’t plan for every contingency. With New York’s mercurial weather sometimes there’s nothing you can do to protect your home when mother nature comes calling. Whether your home has sustained water damage from flooding or fire damage, or you need your floors replaced because you’re going through a renovation, Divine can accommodate any request. Divine provides same day and next day movers to make your life as easy as possible. When faced with an obstacle, we do everything we can to help you. Our clients come back to us again and again because we take care of them. When you use Divine, you’re family, and family makes sure that everything and everyone is looked after.


We specialize in last minute packing and moving and will store your belongings in our state of the art, climate controlled and temperature regulated NYC storage facility (with 24 hour security) for as long or as little as you need it.


And, as is likely with construction or renovation, your home isn’t ready on time we can keep your stuff safe while your project is completed. We also provide a full inventory of anything that you put into storage with us, so you’ll know where everything is at all times. And in the event you need something during the time your stuff is in storage with us, you can drop by the warehouse or schedule a delivery and we’ll make sure you get it ASAP! Divine Moving & Storage are the damage specialists for making sure your items are protected in the event of any emergency. We understand that you can’t plan for an emergency and unlike many moving companies in NYC who will take advantage of a bad situation, Divine guarantees you’ll receive the same flat rate all inclusive moving price whether you call a month in advance or 24 hours ahead–we’ll even guarantee our prices same day!

Moving commercial items in NYC
Snow? Rain? We’ll be there for you!

So when you’re caught in a bind, you need Divine’s help and our comprehensive relocation solutions for both commercial and residential needs!


As a fully licensed and insured company, we work everyday with clients who know they need professional moving services to ensure the safety of their belongings and personal effects. Professional movers show up on time, pack your items carefully to prevent damage, and are careful with everything in your home–from the floors, to the furniture, to the walls, and stairs–and maintain clean trucks and facilities at all times. With years of experience, Divine’s highly skilled professional movers and relocation specialists know what it takes to move you to a place of relief and not a world of stress.


We specialize in same day moving, last minute moving, emergency moving, short notice moving, next day moving, and we take insurance in the event that you’re already covered.


Divine assesses your moving needs and requirements–after all, every relocation is unique and may have different challenges including stairs, access, parking restrictions, and buildings restricting the hours a moving company is allowed to work. All of this we assess and make sure is included in your flat rate price so that you’ll never pay a dollar more than we originally quote you. We also take your budget limitations into account to make your move as affordable as we can while providing the best service New York City can provide.


So when disaster strikes, or even if something unplanned comes up, give us a call and let Divine Moving & Storage bail you out of whatever bind you may be in. After all, we’re the [moving] Divine Intervention!


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