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Moving is something you have to give your 100%. And that can be quite stressful. However, there are some ways to relieve stress. One of the ways is to hire professional movers. They are experts in the craft and know what needs to be done, when, and how. They can handle everything from packing your belongings to transporting them to your new home and unpacking afterward. With all this being said, hiring pros can be expensive. And after all the bills are settled, and your relocation was complete, there appears a question “Should you tip your movers?” Let’s go through some of the basics, and handle the questions such as whether you should tip them, and if yes, how much.

Tip your movers as a sign of gratification
Tipping your movers is a good sign of gratification.

Should you tip your movers?

Let’s get down to the main question first. The answer is yes. Moving is a difficult process and the people involved in it would appreciate it a lot. It also serves as a signifier that you were satisfied with the service. The reputation of a company means a lot to them, and receiving a tip goes a long way in continuing their good service. It also helps them to be one of the top-rated moving companies NYC. Your movers will probably not wait around after the move is complete for you to tip them. However, not tipping them may appear as if you were not satisfied with the service. So, go ahead, give them a little extra. They deserved it.

What is the reasonable amount for a tip?

As you have probably imagined, giving out a 20% tip just like you would at a restaurant seems a bit much. The whole move is expensive enough without having to take even more from your budget for a tip. However, the tip also varies depending on the type of move. If your movers do the loading, transport, and unloading, a reasonable tip would be 20$ per mover. However, if the move is harder, which means that it includes additional services such as packing, and especially packing fragile items, then the tip should be around 20 to 50 dollars depending on your overall satisfaction and budget.

Aspects of the move that can determine the amount

Just like we have already mentioned, the amount of money you should tip your movers depends on the move itself. However, there are a couple of more aspects you should consider when tipping your movers. If you were not that satisfied with the service, you may tip them less, or even none, if you were really dissatisfied. Be wary though, some movers may not like that you have not tipped them. This is when knowing how to settle disputes with movers comes in handy. Therefore, let’s talk about these aspects you should consider.

The conditions of your move

Sometimes, when you decide to take a cheaper option and move offseason, this can make it harder for the movers to complete their job properly. Whether it is the winter frost or the spring rains, these are the things that make everything more difficult for you, and your movers alike. If everything went smoothly, the movers deserve something as appreciation for their effort in tougher conditions.

Level of difficulty of your move

This aspect includes whether you live in a building without an elevator or whether you have a lot of fragile items to pack (such as moving a pool table), a tip is a good sign of gratification.

There are a lot of old or smaller buildings without elevators in Brooklyn. Even though professional Brooklyn movers are aware of that, it is good to show them some appreciation with a tip.

multiple story building
If your building doesn’t have an elevator, consider tipping the movers more!

Quality of service

This one is entirely up to you. The threshold of what you consider a great service is highly subjective, so make sure to leave a larger tip if the service was exceptional.

When and how should you tip your movers?

This is kind of a complication. You usually want to tip your movers after everything you have hired them for is complete. You should also tip every mover, one by one, instead of giving the full amount to the main guy. There is a chance that some of the money will not get to every mover. However, if you think that the leader can be trusted, go ahead and give him the full amount.

When should you not tip?

In some situations, you are absolutely excused if you do not want to tip your movers. These situations include:

  • Poor care and lack of attention when transporting your items. Your items may get damaged or broken due to the mover’s incapability, do not tip just because you are expected to.
  • If the movers were disrespectful and rude.
  • If the movers were too early or too late and did not have an explanation to go with it.

It is best to do your research, and hire reliable and reputable cheap movers. When the moving company is reliable, there is a lesser possibility of them rendering bad service. You can also do your research online on websites such as Yelp or BBB. These websites offer reviews from real people that used the services of certain companies, along with the 5-star ranking system.

Can you show appreciation in some other ways?

If you are tight on your budget or want to give your movers even more than what you planned on giving them as a tip, consider some of these options. This may even propel your movers to do a better job, even though they are expected to do so even without this additional gratification. Some of these options include providing food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on the time of your move. Another good idea is to give them refreshing beverages from time to time, especially if you are moving during the summer.

pink ice cold juice
You can provide your movers with ice-cold beverages!

After all, just saying a simple thank you, and leaving a positive review on the aforementioned websites can be enough. With all that said, good luck with your move!

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