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Moving in Hell’s Kitchen shouldn’t be difficult, and it never will be when you have Divine intervention. Divine Moving & Storage is the best professional moving and storage company in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. With packing & unpacking services, long and short-term storage, inclusive of furniture disassembly and reassembly, and specialty services (AV & TV handling, fine art handling and more), Divine takes care of everything related to relocation so you never have to lift a finger–except to point!

For two decades, New York City and Hell’s Kitchen have relied on Divine Moving & Storage for safe, efficient, and stress-free relocations. There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine Way.

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“Easy” parking for moving trucks in Manhattan

Divine specializes in customized all-inclusive flat-rate moving in Hell’s Kitchen to make relocating in this New York City neighborhood affordable and easy. When we quote you a price, you’ll never pay a dollar more than the original estimate. That’s Hell’s Kitchen moving made easy. Divine’s services include best-in-class packing, storing and relocation services to take Hell’s Kitchen residents home. With fastidious attention to detail, award winning customer service, and trained & experienced professional movers, it’s no wonder Divine Moving & Storage is the go-to moving company in NYC. If you want an affordable, professional, efficient move that is simply divine in it’s hassle-free easiness, call today and speak to one of our relocation specialists to customize your move.


Hell’s Kitchen, also called Clinton, was originally known as Midtown West and lays on Midtown Manhattan’s West Side.


With business, medical, transport, and warehouse infrastructure to support the midtown business district, Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen began gentrifying in the 1990s causing this once affordable area to see an increase in rents as it became increasingly desirable. The zipcodes for Hell’s Kitchen are 10019 and 10036, and the post office for the former is called Radio City Station which was the original name of Sixth Avenue’s Rockefeller Center. Although historians are divided as to just how and when Hell’s Kitchen got its name, many point to an association with the notorious Five Points slum which was not only crime-infested but disease-ridden causing the area to be anything but desirable for much of its history. In fact, the infamous Boss Tweed, notable for his despotic rule over Tammany Hall and the Five Points during the mid 19th Century lived in Hell’s Kitchen. Other’s point to its similarity to London’s Hell’s Kitchen for the etymology of the name and also point out that both a gang and local dive bar used the name.

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Storage and Moving in Hell’s Kitchen

Still others say that the tenement set up in Hell’s Kitchen around the end of the 19th century were the filthiest and worst in the city earning them the name “Hell’s Kitchen.”


Unsurprisingly, the name Hell’s Kitchen was not a huge draw for people seeking to move to the neighborhood. As realtors and developers moved into Hell’s Kitchen hoping to attract renters and buyers they sought to call the area by less pejorative names. Thus, the name Clinton, Midtown West, and Mid-West came into fashion to call the area. However, the traditional Hell’s Kitchen monicker was hard to shake and many still use this name when referring to the area today. A favorite place among both student and professional actors, Hell’s Kitchen is close to the bright lights of Broadway and the Actors Studio which has played tutor to famous names like Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda, Kevin Spacey, Montgomery Clift, Kathy Griffin, Robert De Niro, and James Dean to name just a few. The actor’s studio was founded by famous acting instructor to the stars, Lee Strasberg, who is notable for creating and developing method acting at this venerated Hell’s Kitchen institution.

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Another moving day in ‘The Kitchen’

With it’s proximity to and overlapping of the Times Square Theater District and several other theaters including the famous Studio 54 (the famous 1970s nightclub of the rich and famous) it’s no wonder why many famous names and aspiring actors would choose to move to Hell’s Kitchen.


Many entertainers who went on to become the household names we revere today have called the area home. These entertainers include Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Alicia Keys, James Dean, Madonna, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David. Some of Comedy Central’s most famous live audience shows have been filmed in Hell’s Kitchen. The Daily Show (now with Trevor Noah) has been filmed in the area since it first went on the air. The Colbert Report was also shot here for it’s entire run before handing the studio over to the now cancelled The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

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Great storage is hard to come by, but trust Divine Moving to set you up with the best option for you!

In fact, several Marvel superheros hail from Hell’s Kitchen including Daredevil and Jessica Jones.


If you’re looking to grab a bite, Restaurant Row has something for everyone. With its abundance of eateries from all cultures and cuisines you’ll never run out of options. Dining options include Thai, Mexican, Chinese, French, Greek, German, Italian, Irish, Caribbean, Afghan, Peruvian, Indian, Pakistani, Argentine, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese restaurants. You’ll never get bored eating in Hell’s Kitchen, that’s for sure! With Hell’s Kitchen becoming a trendy and wonderful place to live, it’s no wonder Divine moves so many new residents into the area. So when you’re ready to plan your move–or even if you need to move last minute–Divine Moving & Storage is here to help.


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