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Very often, the packing process is the longest and most tedious part of moving. It seems that we have no idea how many things we actually have until we start packing them. You have to get things from cabinets and shelves, sort them, and then start packing them in boxes. But no worries, good organization and plan can significantly speed up the process. In particular, moving companies Long Island can help you with a fast and smooth move. Since we know how hefty packing can be, especially if it is urgent, we developed this guide on how to pack for same-day relocation. Hope this makes your move a lot easier.

Panic is your enemy

First of all, do not forget to breathe. Some of you who read this simply want not to spend too much time packing. But others must pack up and move in a very short time, and that’s normal. Do not worry, others have already done this, so that is possible. You can pack your house in a day. It all depends on you. Therefore, you can make it work. The key is to keep calm and go step by step. If you move within the same city, even better. But even if you are moving long distances, it is still possible. You just need a big cup of coffee.

Worried woman
Do not worry, you can do it!

Make a checklist to pack for same-day relocation

A good checklist is the biggest help with packing. Write it down. The things you need to do and the packing materials you need to get. Sort your items into three groups: packing items, donating items, and items you don’t need to pack. Making a good checklist can help you keep track of your priority packing goals. Write down when certain tasks should be completed and where everything should go. Therefore, it will also serve as a reminder if you forget something. It is up to you how detailed you want it to be. In addition, your checklist can be an important part of maintaining motivation and timely completion of all tasks, especially when you need to pack for same-day relocation.

The organization is the key

Before you start randomly filling boxes and pulling out the bubble pack, you should arrange everything you pack. Do not miss anything and do not leave for later, everything needs to go somewhere. Remember the three groups we mentioned earlier? Well, now is the time to make these three piles. And as soon as you finish, you need to make a few piles that you do not pack: the items you recycle, the ones you want to donate, and the ones you throw away. Put each item in the appropriate pile.

Be merciless when decluttering

Same-day moving in NYC can be a hidden blessing. The ticking of the clock means that you need to be more decisive about what remains and what leaves. It is time to be ruthless and make decisions quickly. When you take something, it is best to follow your intuition. Deep inside you know what you will not use again. If it is still usable, find a place to donate it. Otherwise, throw it away without thinking too much. The best practice is to bag things that you will dispose of along the way. Therefore, you will not be tempted to try to return something.

Piggy bank
And thus, you can save some money while you pack for same-day relocation

Packing materials

Before you start packing, you need to determine how much packing material you need. Then you should buy them or find some materials for free that you could use. All materials must be ready before the day of packing. Thus, you will not waste time when packing your house. Here is what you need:

  • Cardboard boxes of several sizes
  • Plastic containers if you plan to use them for 24-hour storage in Manhattan later
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Labels
  • Permanent markers
  • Bubble pack
  • Wrapping paper or newsprint
  • Rope or twine
  • Felt pads to protect floors when moving large furniture
  • Basic detergents

So what is the most effective way to pack for same-day relocation

The key to efficient packing is the same as any other job. Get rid of everything that distracts you. Before you start doing anything, set the time to start packing. If you can, start early in the morning when you are fresh and focused. Make sure you get enough sleep and breakfast. Don’t forget to remove all distractions while packing the boxes. Turn off the TV and leave your phone. Music can help you stay motivated and focused.

Packing boxes

Once you reach this stage, you should already have several sorted items in each room. Now start packing the boxes. Do not leave the room until everything is packed. To treat yourself, take a good break between each room. Remember to drink plenty of water and have a bite to eat. You need the energy to finish this packing.


Make sure you get a lot of wrapping paper. Then you should use wrapping paper to create air pockets between objects. Here are a couple of examples. When it comes to packing plates, use one sheet for 4-5 plates, depending on size. You can use one sheet per 2-4 cups depending on size and shape. Start by wrapping the middle glass, then glue the glass on each end and fold the rest. You will finish packing faster and you will use less paper.

Wrapping paper
Use clear wrapping paper to avoid black hands

Professional packing services

Of course, hiring professionals is the easiest solution, maybe even the cheapest. People often spend more money trying to save it. If you need to pack for same-day relocation for the first time, you probably have no experience with packing materials or where and how to buy the cheapest. Taking packing services NYC, you are not just buying the best packing materials, you are also buying your time and peace of mind. In addition, packing your belongings becomes the responsibility of the other person.

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