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Don‘t Stress Over Your Move We‘ll Get You Settled in your NYC apartment in Just One Day!

So you finally found a new apartment in New York City. Sad to say, but apartment hunting is not the only hurdle you will have to jump through in moving into New York City. But moving is certainly possible with a little help from experienced New York City movers. And even better, same-day moving is reasonable in Manhattan or any of the other boroughs. If you are planning a last-minute move in NYC, however, there are some tips you should know before that. To begin with, you need to understand how to find reliable same-day movers, and this is something Divine Moving and Storage can help you with. Hiring the perfect same-day movers NYC is now easier than ever – all it takes is a phone call.

Divine moving truck
Divine Moving in NYC – the perfect example of how to find reliable same-day movers NYC

You should not require Sherlock Holmes to find reliable same-day movers NYC that you can afford. With one quick call to Divine Moving and Storage NYC, you’ll find out just how easy moving in NYC can be! With all-inclusive moving packages relocation your home is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Just call, book, and move.

Moving on with your life has never been so easy. Call today to speak to your Relocation Specialist and receive your free estimate in seconds.

Just what is Divine Moving and Storage NYC and how does it fit into all this?

Divine Moving and Storage is a professional and well-known relocation company based in NYC and servicing the Tri-State area. The extent and availability or our moving services in NYC are non stop – be it rain/shine, night/day, weekday/weekends…
We provide packing and moving services and even same-day emergency moves. With well over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, our team of moving specialists has been trained to handle any type of relocation work. The words “too difficult” or “overly complicated” don’t hold any relevance with us. We make it our goal to fulfill all your moving and storage needs, no matter the circumstances.

Our storage facility is conveniently located in Hunts Point. We can accommodate any size from one box to an entire townhouse and more. We are vexed in storing all types and sizes of items you might have sitting around your home or office. With our professional storage units NYC, you need to worry about the safety or condition of your valuables – leave that to us. Our company will ensure that your property is protected, no matter the circumstances. Short-term, long-term, room temperature or climate controlled – we can accommodate it all.

Same-day packing professionals at your service

Packing let alone same-day moving of your home and belongings can send anyone into a panic. Divine Moving & Storage takes the stress out of it with our professional movers. Each packing professional has years of experience packing up homes just like yours. They come armed with the moving boxes, packing supplies, and relocation tools to make packing a breeze. There’s packing the hard way, and then there’s packing the Divine way. Call today for your free quote.

We have qualified professional certified movers and packers who will make sure that no matter the move type you have they will be able to complete it with care while keeping a tab at the associated costs.

The reviews we get are witness that you are on the path to find reliable same-day movers NYC.
To find reliable same-day movers in NYC means to find ones you can trust

Things you should handle once you find reliable same-day movers

Of course, the last-minute movers in NYC will handle transferring your actual belongings, but you will need to transfer your info over to your new spot. Keep in mind that you can change your mailing address online and it will take about ten days to process fully. You will also want to contact all organizations that you pay money to each month. That could include credit card companies, student loans, con edison, cable company, power and electric and more. With most of these organizations, you can go to their online platform and change your location. You may also want to alert doctors, banks and your office’s HR of your move.

You will also probably want to set up the installation of your wifi for the day you move in. That is especially true if you are doing same-day, last minute moving. You will want to call whoever your internet provider is so you can at least binge watch some Netflix while you are moving into your new apartment!

Another helpful tip for same-day moving and last-minute moving in NYC is to measure the spaces, especially doors, of your new apartments. That is New York City we are talking about – some of the hallways and doorways are going to be insanely small. You want to make sure your sofa, mattress and whatever else will fit inside.

Don’t forget to declutter your household before the move

Another good thing to be doing at this time is purging your apartment of useless items. Face it; there’s that chair you bought at a thrift store that NO ONE has used. Or maybe you went through a hipster phase and now have a clunky useless record player. No judgment. But now is the time to get rid of everything you don’t need, because it will save you time and energy especially when doing the last minute or the same day moving to New York City. Also, you may want to ask your landlord for the keys a couple of days before your lease starts. Not everyone will do this, but it is certainly helpful if you are planning to move stuff over in shifts.

moving trucks of Divine
Divine Moving and Storage NYC – your trustworthy last-minute movers in NYC.

#1 tip: find reliable same-day movers instead of risking the DIY approach

But probably the biggest advice for attempting same day or last-minute moving in NYC or one of the boroughs is not to try it yourself. There are so many variables that accompany the same day moving to NYC. That is especially true if you are handling commercial moving in Manhattan, Brooklyn or any of the more densely populated areas. Divine Moving has the experience and capability you need to help you with moving to NYC on the same day. You can trust our experienced movers to get the job done quickly and correctly.

For luxury moving without the luxury price tag, Divine Moving & Storage has New Yorkers covered. With premium packing and moving services, expert moving is affordably within reach. 212-244-4011

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Sam is a NYC born customer service professional from the Bronx, who enjoys helping people move, pack, and store their apartments and businesses in NYC. With a degree in business management from New York University, Sam has extensive experience in customer service and logistics. His friendly demeanor and organized approach has made him a favorite amongst customers. Sam has been in the business of helping customers move and store their belongings in NYC for the past five years. He takes great pride in making sure each customer’s needs are met and exceeded. His attention to detail, friendly attitude, and knowledge of the city have allowed him to make each customer's moving experience a pleasant one. He also provides storage solutions that meet the customer's individual needs. In his spare time, Sam loves to explore the city and find new places to eat and explore. He also loves to spend time with friends and family. Sam is dedicated to his customers and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their moving experience is the best it can be.

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