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Storage rooms are a great place to store your items. They provide you with an easily accessible space for all the items you don’t need in your home. You can rent both short-term and long-term storage. And store just about anything there. But, there are some items you must never keep in your storage unit. Some are too dangerous to be stored. While others are too expensive to be left there. Even with the state of the art security that Divine Moving and Storage provides we’ll be talking about some of the items that you should better keep at home. Or not keep at all for that matter. 

There is a wide range of items you must never keep in your storage unit

Storing units are very useful. But, before you go and rent a storage unit, there are some things that you should know about storage units. And one of the important ones is the items that you are not allowed in storage. Or ones that you shouldn’t store. There are many reasons for it. Some items are prohibited by law. Some are prohibited by your storage rental agreement. And some just shouldn’t be in a storage unit for a variety of reasons. 

Money and jewelry should be in a safe place

While they are not prohibited, money and jewelry are some of the items you should keep at home. Or in a safety deposit box. Generally, all very expensive items should be left out of the storage units. While most storage providers offer great security, you can never be 100% sure. And in general, storage providers are not liable for those items. Or have very limited liability in case something is missing. 

jewelry in a box
Keep your jewelry in a safe space

Animals must never be kept in your storage unit

By law, your storage agreement, and common sense, you should never store live animals. Aside from the fact that it’s inhumane, they can cause a big problem. Starting with the smell. And all the way to the damage that they might cause. And don’t think that cleaning and disinfecting your storage unit will make up for it. Storing live animals, no matter how big or small they might be, is strictly prohibited.

So is storing dead animals

In case you were wondering, storing dead animals is also prohibited. There are many reasons for it. But one of the biggest is probably the smell. 

You must never keep flammable items in your storage unit

While you will have a storage unit just for yourself, you’ll be sharing the facility with other people. And that’s why safety is very important. So, per your storage rental agreement, you aren’t allowed to store flammable items in your unit. Those can include certain chemicals, gasoline, oil, and so on. But, there are also many common household items that are very flammable. And that you should keep out of the storage unit. From cleaning chemicals to flour, those items don’t belong in your unit.  

light matches on fire
Don’t keep flammable items in storage

Explosive items do not belong in the storage unit

You may have bought little extra fireworks for your last 4th of July celebration. And are looking for a place to store them for next year. Well, you are out of luck. Explosives, fireworks included, are on the list of items you must never keep in your storage unit. The reasons are obvious. If there was to be a fire in the facility, they will cause all kinds of chaos. Not to mention destroy your items along with the rest of the facility. 

Storing guns is ok, but not ammunition

When talking about explosives, it’s difficult not to mention guns. And ammunition alongside them. Storing firearms at home can sometimes be dangerous. And they are not prohibited in a storage unit. So that’s a great solution. But, what is prohibited is ammunition. For pretty much the same reason as storing explosive items. 

Food shouldn’t be stored in a storage unit

People come up with great ideas. We are a creative species and often find complex solutions for simple problems. That’s why you might think that it’s ok to rent 24 hours storage Manhattan and turn in into a pantry. Well, unfortunately, storing food is really not advisable. And in most places on the list of items, you must never keep in your storage unit. Food can spoil, rot, and eventually start smelling pretty badly. But you should not keep even non-perishable foods in storage.

tomato and food
Food can cause problems in the storage unit

You must never keep drugs or other illegal items in your storage unit

Anything that isn’t legal should never be stored in a storage unit. And even with the legalization of marijuana across some states, you should never keep it in a storage unit. No matter if you bought it legally or not. 

Important documents should be with you

Storage units are always so safe that you might want to use them as your large personal safe. And might want to keep important business or personal documents there. While storing office supplies can greatly benefit your business in more ways that one, storing important documents is not advisable. They should be in a safe place in your office. Or, if they are important enough, in a safety deposit box in a bank. They are definitely on the list of items you must never keep in your storage unit.


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