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College is the first real opportunity to live alone and outside your home. This is a great opportunity to explore adulthood and feel all the perks that being alone and adult brings. The most common issue is to determine do you want to live on the campus, or of the campus. Living off-campus has its pros but also has its cons. It is up to you to decide when you go through them and choose what is best for you. You need to think about the type of college and what is the possible location for your new home. Also, you need to decide would you like to live with roommates or alone. If you want to look for roommates, you need to be careful. And when choosing the neighborhood, you need to think about the time you will need to reach campus.

What are the pros of living off-campus?

When it comes to listing all the pros of living off-campus – well the first and most important is that you actually might get a better home for a much cheaper price. Of course, you will need to look for student movers NYC since you are moving a lot of belongings, but at the same time, you will be able to choose a house or an apartment that suits all of your needs. So, saving some money on rent is one of the first pros that we need to mention and that you need to consider.

saving money by living off-campus
By living off-campus you can actually save some money!

More space

In a private apartment, you will have more privacy, more freedom. Also, it will probably be a lot quieter than living on campus. You will avoid all those fire alarms, evacuations, and all the noise. So, this only means that you will have more time to focus on your studying. So living off-campus can help with your grades. Also, for example, if you have a dog, you can probably find an apartment that is pet-friendly in some of the pet-friendly neighborhoods.

Learning new skills

Living off-campus is a great opportunity to learn new skills and improve the ones you already have. You will have a lot of new responsibilities – from cooking to laundry and cleaning. So, you can find and try new recipes. And, of course, you will have to learn to manage money. You will have to learn to plan your expenses in advance. And pay your bills regularly. Those are all new skills and new things that you will learn while you are exploring adulthood. For example. you will have to learn to inspect your possible new home and check are there any things that the landlord did not tell you.

cooking on a table
You can learn new skills if you decide to live alone, off-campus and cooking is one of them

Commuting as a good side of living off-campus

Although this can be considered as a pro but also as a von for living off-campus – we decided to mark it like a pro side. Although you might feel like you are missing out on something, the reality is different. You will be able to explore your neighborhood and commute to college. Some colleges even organize some type of assistance with commuting. Also, a great thing is that you can create your own meal plan and stay focused on your diet. Living outside off campus can be a great thing, even with commuting.

You don’t have to share

One of the things that usually bother the students is the fact they often share a room. And of course, sharing a bathroom is something you need to get used to if you live on campus. But if you choose to live off-campus you can forget about that. You won’t have to share a bathroom or a room. That is just the bonus when it comes to all the good sides of leaving outside the campus. Besides privacy, you will have everything just for yourself.

You won’t have to share a bathroom if you live in your own apartment

What are the cons of living off-campus?

Well, we talked about some positive things when it comes to living outside the campus. Now we need to discuss also all the possible cons for living off-campus. Just take into consideration that all people are different and that the pros and cons are very subjective. Some people might find thrilling to be all alone, others might feel afraid. That is why you really shouldn’t make a decision about living off-campus very easy. Take your time and consider everything.

Chores can be overwhelming

This is something that can be a problem for a student that is trying to go to college, study, hang out with friends. When you live outside the campus, you have to take care of everything on your own. And if you do not have experience from before – it can be challenging. You have to clean everything, go grocery shopping. A lot of chores will be only up to you if you live alone. You can find your ideal NYC home but still feel overwhelmed. So, think about all the chores before you decide to live alone, off the campus.

ironing as a chore for living off-campus
You will have a lot of chores if you decide to live outside the campus

You might feel alone living off-campus

Although all of us dream about that day when we finally live on our own – it is pretty often that students feel alone, isolated when they live outside the campus.  There are a lot of events that you will probably miss because you live off-campus. And that is something that you need to take into consideration. If you like to be with friends and you like to go out – maybe living alone off-campus is not for you. Od course, you can always find roommates and have fun with them, but keep in mind that roommates can be a tricky thing.

How to make a decision?

Well before you start searching where to buy moving boxes NYC make sure to think about all the pros and cons of living off-campus. Take into consideration how you will feel once you are on your own. Don’t rush with that decision and give yourself enough time. Ask around, search around the internet and make the decision that will ultimately make you happy. So you can be happy and successful in your college adventure. 

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