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Are you thinking about sharing a storage unit with a friend, but you’re not sure whether that’s a good idea? Don’t worry! Divine Moving and Storage NYC will help you take a look at the situation from various angles, and decide whether that’s the best storage solution for you. People often jump into every situation that’s favorable for them, but they fail to grasp all of the aspects that this decision might affect. Whenever there are shared costs included, it’s important to take an objective look at all the pros and cons. If you’re being biased because of your friend, it’s not a good decision to get into any kind of cost-sharing. To find out how to know when sharing a storage unit with a friend is a good idea, keep on reading! 

sharing a storage unit with a friend
Sharing a storage unit with a friend might cause various types of disputes.

Sharing a storage unit with a friend well – yes or no?

If your friend is good and capable of thinking straight in critical situations – yes. This means that you’ll be able to find a middle ground whatever the situation is. If that’s often not possible for your friend, getting into any kind of deal, especially renting a long term storage, can be problematic for your friendship. On the other hand, if both of you are capable of keeping your emotions at bay, you can benefit greatly from this deal. 

The pros of sharing a storage unit with a friend

Let’s take a look at the pros of sharing a storage unit with a friend: 

  • You’ll lessen the costs. This is usually the main reason why people get into this kind of situations. If you choose the right person to share a unit with, this can significantly lessen your costs long-term. Even if you only rent short term storage Manhattan, it still pays off! 
  • You don’t need to rent a whole storage unit in order to have a safe space for your items! It’s a win-win. You pay a certain portion of the price for a little space in someone’s storage. 
  • There will be more people to take care of the cleanliness of the storage space. This needs to be done at least two-three times a month, so make sure to make a schedule with your friend that works for the both of you. 

The cons of sharing a storage unit with a friend concerning money

  • One of you might not be frequent with payments. That’s when the person who signed the contract will have to pay for the other part too. This can cause a fight between you and your friend. 
  • Your friend might decide he just doesn’t want to share the unit with you anymore. It happens – we all choose the wrong people sometimes. But if you really desperately need the unit, think about whether there are better solutions to your problem. It’s also possible that, if you signed the contract, your friend will just pull out and decide that he doesn’t want to rent the space in storage or pay any more, leaving you with extra space, but also extra costs. 
cleaning a surface
The problems might arise when the two of you have different cleanliness or organization standards.

Other possible issues

  • Only one name goes on contract. This means that whoever signs that contract will be fully responsible for the finances. That’s why you should get into this process only with a friend you know isn’t impulsive and emotional.
  • Disputes about the time of cleaning, degree of cleanliness, and space. If you disagree on this, or if your friend is unreliable, your items might get damaged because of the other side’s carelessness.

As you can see, sharing storage has both positive and negative sides. The truth is that we offer various storage solutions that you might benefit from. Get fully informed about your options before deciding to settle on sharing a storage unit with a friend!  


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