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The time to go back to the office is here. After a long year break caused by Covid19 and working from home, it’s time to put on your best suit and go to work like you used to. Many office spaces weren’t used for a year, and some were even closed completely. For this reason, you need to set up your office space before you start going to work. How you are going to set up your office space depends on various factors. You need to find the appropriate location for your business, then the right equipment, and in the end, make your office a comfortable working space. Here are a few tips from Divine Moving and Storage NYC for setting up your office and going back to work. 

Time to go back to the office – how to find the best location for your office space? 

Finding a good location for your office is equally important as decorating office space. There are a few key factors that make one location more suited for business than other locations. When you are searching for your new office location, you should pay attention to the following.

  •         Accessibility
  •         Design of a building
  •         Layout
  •         Facilities
  •         Tech
  •         Parking

Accessibility is the first and maybe the most important factor to look for in a location. Your office should be easily accessible with public transportation. Also, you should have enough parking space near your office for your co-workers and customers. For this reason, you should focus your search on Manhattan neighborhoods as the best locations for office space are in Upper West Side. Public transportation in this neighborhood is amazing with bus stops at almost every corner. 

concrete buildings
You should find a convenient location for your office

Why the layout and design are crucial in choosing the right office space? 

Not every building and space can be suitable for your office. Poorly designed space can lower the employee’s satisfaction which can result in weaker performance and low production. For this reason, your office space should have a good layout with balanced natural and artificial light, without loud noise. Also, your new office should have good ventilation and quality air. It might seem impossible to find an office space that fulfills all these conditions. In addition to all these design factors, your new office space should have a stable and fast internet connection as it’s almost impossible to work without the internet nowadays. However, you should be persistent in your search, and you should settle for less than what you deserve. Only when you found the office that covers all the above conditions, you can start bringing your items from Manhattan storage. 

Time to go back to the office – how large should your budget be? 

Office space in a good location with great design and layout is certainly not cheap. Your budget should be big enough to cover lease and monthly utilities, possible office improvements, redecoration, furniture, and electronics. You should also count on the cost of office movers in this budget. As your budget must cover a lot of things, you should plan carefully. You can’t spend all your money on just office setup and hope for the best. For this reason, you should first calculate business income and how much you are able to spend on your office setup without going broke in the process. After you come up with a certain budget, you should try not to break if it’s possible. Also, have a backup plan and space to increase your budget in case something great comes up. 

Time to go back to the office and write things on the piece of paper
You should see how much you can spend

What equipment do you need to set up office space before the time to go back to the office comes? 

To set up your office space from the scratch, you will need a lot of items from furniture to industry-specific equipment and electronics. This all will cost a small fortune and your current budget might not be able to cover it. For this reason, you should first get the basic items that you need for your job. Then, after some time when your business starts to grow up, you should get other more advanced items. So, for the start-up, you should have the following. 

  •         Working tables
  •         Good-quality chairs
  •         Strong computers
  •         Fast and stable internet connections
  •         Cabinets and other storage options

When choosing the right office desk, you should pay attention to office décor, size, drawers, and technology needs. Your working desk should be functional with enough storage space but also stylish enough to fit in office décor. 

How to design your office to stimulate productivity in your employees? 

The color of office walls can play a role in the overall vibe of the office. Many kinds of research show that specific colors have an impact on different parts of people’s minds and bodies. For example, yellow color encourages creativity while blue stimulates the mind and red stimulates the body. For this reason, if your business depends on creativity, you should pick the yellow color for your office. However, if your work is more focused on logic and numbers, you should choose a blue color. For this reason, you should research more about this topic before you decide on the color of your office wall. Also, when setting up your office, you should take time to adjust the height of your office desk, chair, and monitor to avoid back pain and leg cramping. 

a table next to the window
Make sure to arrange your office comfortably

How should shared space look? 

Time to go back to the office also means you will be spending and sharing office space with other people, your colleagues. Nowadays, open concepts are very popular among office spaces. Open space gives you the opportunity to work as a team and encourages teamwork and good relations among co-workers. The real setback from this kind of office space is the noise that can be easily fixable with using headphones or having space for individual work. The desk in the conference room should be round, so everyone can be equally heard and seen. Additionally, every office space should have common areas such as a kitchen or room to relax where employees can socialize. The office should be a place for working, socializing, and enjoying. 


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