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Business relocations and overseas moves are two of the most challenging relocation types. So when you couple them together, you get an endeavor a few can survive – you get an overseas business relocation. Now, you are probably aware of the fact that moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn (or vice versa) and transferring all of your office items without damage would be a challenge. You can only imagine how complicated and intricate moving offices overseas will be. But that’s what we are here for – to give you a few tips without which this process would be unthinkable. You don’t have to make notes – you just have to try and remember the following points.

First things first – get the help you need

You can already imagine just how much help you will need to pull off an office move overseas. But you are not just looking for any plain old movers! No, you are looking for the best international office movers money can buy. That’s because you need someone who will handle:

  • The complete logistics of your relocation
  • Pick up and delivery of your items
  • Safety issues and precautions
A handshake.
Find a team you can trust and don’t hesitate to book your move with them.

Most importantly, you need a team you can absolutely trust with your belongings. The last thing you need when moving your office across the world is asking yourself whether all of your pricey IT equipment will arrive in one piece. That’s why you need experienced, reputable, and reliable movers who specialize in this type of relocation.

Will you be able to assemble the right team after moving offices overseas?

Are you sure you thought this through? Sometimes, it might seem like you would save up a lot of money by moving your offices to a more affordable location. But will it really pay off in the long run if you can’t find the right workforce? It goes without saying that not all of your employees will be able or willing to move with the business. After all, why would a person sell an apartment, move across the world, and completely change their way of life for the sake of your business?

So before embarking on a journey as long and complicated as an international office move, you need to be sure that it’s the right move for your business. Think of this as your chance to once again re-evaluate the situation and proceed with the utmost caution. If after thinking about it one more time you decide that it’s the right thing for you, feel free to book your move and start packing your office supplies.

Involve your employees in the moving and packing process

The size of your office certainly plays a role in how much help you will need in order to relocate. But no matter how big or small your office is, the fact is that you will need some help. And we are referring to a different type of help from the one that comes from experienced movers in NYC. We are referring to your employees.

Colleagues shaking hands before moving offices overseas.
With the right people by your side, your office relocation will be a smooth endeavor.

The entire office represents a united front when it comes to business ventures, right? There is no reason to view this relocation as something different. Do you need help finding affordable storage solutions for the items you plan on leaving behind? Are you looking for a group of people that will help you pack up cubicles? Or do you need someone trustworthy for making copies of all of your important documents? Whatever the situation may be, you will have to include your team in the moving process.

And whether you are organizing a last-minute office move or have planned it months in advance, make sure your employees know what their duties are. This will prevent any misunderstandings which lead to accidents and a failed relocation. But, most importantly, show up for the day ahead with a smile on your face and a noticeable enthusiasm. How do you expect people to act that way if you as the team leader don’t express that type of behavior?

Use the color-coding system when moving offices overseas

Is your office composed out of a couple of departments? Considering the fact that every department inside a company has its set of duties and chores, one can only assume that the equipment they use will also be different. Forget about the equipment – the documents are certainly going to differ, meaning you don’t have the luxury of mixing them up. You do have to remember that you need to pick up work as usual after moving offices overseas, and that won’t be possible if all of your documents and equipment get mixed up.

So do what many smart companies and people do – use the color-coding system. It will make it easy to track and pack your boxes by departments, making unpacking so much easier. And you have to remember that unpacking after your relocation can be even harder than packing. If there is anything that will make it easier, you have to use it!

A skyscraper.
Are you the head of a large corporation? Then you will need to be extra smart about packing.

Order the new equipment on time

Have you decided to upgrade your office and fill it with modern equipment after relocation? We salute your decision as you should always progress in life, as well as in business! The only thing we have to warn you about is the time! You have to order your new equipment on time when moving offices overseas as you definitely don’t want your business to stagnate simply because you don’t have all the necessary tools at your disposal. So when is the right time to order these pieces? Even though there might not be a precise answer, 1 to 2 months will give your order just enough time to arrive. Don’t sit around and wait for the last minute thinking there’s enough time! Instead, be proactive about your business move and you will be greatly rewarded!

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