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            Congrats! You’ve landed a big job, in the Big Apple, and with that comes a big NYC move… to a much smaller space. But you have an entire house full of things that you you’re dreading even hauling with you, let alone trying to fit into your new, NYC apartment.

Downsizing your move

How do you sort through it all without feeling like you’re throwing part of your life away? How do you fit it in something that’s one-fourth the size of what you live in now here are some secrets for a successful NYC move-


It’s your lucky day. We’ve put together this list of strategies to make your downsizing efficient and painless for your upcoming NYC move.


  1. Start Planning Your NYC Move Early

If you know that your new means of living are going to be much tighter than your current situation, it’s best that you plan ahead and with ample time before you have to move in.

Moving in NYC is stressful as is, and just as how you were told in college, procrastinating on a project of this scale is not recommended. You can devote only 20-30 minutes/day leading up to your move to get things done efficiently and without causing any added tension.

Start by measuring out the rooms in your new apartment or home.  This will allow you to determine how much furniture, décor, and all other belongings will fit comfortably. Planning this ahead will also avoid you desperately searching for someone to buy your sectional sofa from you the day before you end up having to leave it behind on the curb.

Planning, sorting and packing early on and gradually before your actual NYC move also prevents you from making rushed decisions that could result in you tossing something you actually need or hold dear.

Packing and moving

  1. Give Serious Consideration to Your Clutter

When you’re forced to a compressed living space, it comes down to what’s important and imperative in your everyday life. You can start in all the nooks, drawers, and closets that have things stuffed and stacked into them.

If you’re finding little tools, knick-knacks, clothes or any items that you haven’t seen in months, odds are you don’t actually need it.

customer with boxes getting ready

  1. One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

You don’t have to actually “toss” things you no longer want or need into the garbage. When you are sorting through your things, put them into piles: to keep, to throw out, to donate, and to sell.

Gently used books, toys no longer in use by your kids, clothes that are a gently worn, and other items one could take for granted and consider throwing away can be saved and donated to someone who needs them. Setting up donation pick-ups is free, and odds are, there are countless donation centers and charities in your areas who are always in need.

If you have some clothes that don’t fit you anymore, just aren’t your style, or that you won’t wear again, chances are that there is someone out there who will buy it off of you. You can take bags of gently used clothing to thrift or resale stores and get some cash for your items. It’s also incredibly simple to set up your own ebay page to sell and ship out your items yourself. Make room in your new apartment AND make some extra cash? Win-win.

The same goes for furniture and decorations around your home. You can easily sell these items online or at resale stores for some money to help alleviate those moving costs. Let us reiterate, don’t wait until last minute do try and sell these things!

moving and storage nyc


  1. Hit a Wall? There’s a Solution for That

So you’ve gone through your clutter and tossed just about everything you could possibly imagine. You’ve sold some of your furniture, gave your young family members some hand-me downs, and bargained your old denim jeans and shoes for some cash at your local thrift store. Still have too much stuff to fit into your new place? Don’t sweat.

Lucky for you, Divine Moving and Storage has many storage options, It is here with us that your furniture, décor, clothing and personal, sentimental items are given the same TLC and attention that you would give them. With a climate controlled facility, 24 hour security measures, and a meticulous inventory control method, you can be assured that your possessions are in safe and caring hands of Divine Moving.

storage units in NYC

  1. Optimize Your Space

Once you’ve chosen what to keep, sent out what you don’t, and stored what you don’t need immediately, it’s important that you take what’s left and make the most of the small space you have.

Find organization systems for your closets, maximize your minimal floor space by adding shelves to your walls, and take advantage of multifunctional furniture pieces. Don’t put it past you to use the storage compartment of an ottoman or under-the-bed drawers and sliding containers.

movers cleanout

            The good thing about downsizing is that your life is now a little simpler and a lot less cluttered. Your home is now filled with only the things you’ve found to be the most important to you, and you’re ready to take on a new chapter in your NYC life.

NYC trusts Divine Moving & Storage’s premium White Glove relocation service to take care of all their moving needs. Our professional moving specialists have years of experience packing up priceless works of art, antiques, crystal, china, and even musical instruments. With Divine, you never have to worry about damage because we take the time to ensure your valuables are protected and safe for the entire time they’re in our care. For a luxury move without the luxury price tag, for your next NYC move call Divine 212-244-4011

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