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Moving is one of the top ten most stressful events in a person’s life. There are so many things to worry about, and so many things that can go wrong. That is why you need to have a plan when moving house. One part of your plan should be the packing process. If you do not want to hire professional packing services, then you should read this article carefully. We have compiled a list of tips for packing wardrobe for moving and made it so simple that basically, anyone without any moving experience can follow it. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Closet full of clothes
Packing wardrobe for moving is not as easy as it might appear.

Wardrobe packing guide

There are a couple of things you need to take care of before you start packing for your move. You need to get some top quality moving boxes, lots of packing material, and of course, your nerves need to be reinforced with a good meal and a cup of coffee during the packing process. Let’s see all the tips when packing wardrobe for moving.

Proper organization

Before you start packing for your move, you need to organize your move properly. Proper organization is vital to anything in life, and that applies to your cross-city NYC move as well! To be properly organized for your move, the best thing you can do is to make a moving checklist. The checklist should contain every single step of your move, from the decision to do so, to the unpacking process in your new home. One of the items on your checklist should be the packing process and everything that comes along with it. That means getting packing material and making a plan on what to pack first and what to pack last. With all that said, let’s move on to the packing process itself.

Getting quality moving boxes

The first thing you should do when starting your packing process is to get some top quality moving boxes. There is a special kind of box created for moving the wardrobe. They are sturdy and they include heavy-duty clothing rods. If you do not have a budget big enough to get specialized wardrobe boxes, get regular cardboard ones. However, one thing you should consider is getting different sized boxes. Different sized boxes allow you to put smaller and lighter items inside smaller boxes, and bigger and bulkier items inside the bigger boxes.

Another thing that reinforces the idea of getting different sized boxes is the notion of “Tetris” stacking. Most local movers Manhattan use this technique when packing their moving truck. What it means is that they can put the bigger boxes on the bottom and the smaller ones on top. They can also fill in the gaps between the boxes by putting smaller ones. Talking about space efficiency!

moving supplies
Different sized moving boxes are a must!

Filling up boxes when packing wardrobe for moving

If you bought the professional wardrobe boxes, then read this step carefully. Take a bunch of your clothes on coat hangers and put them together. Then you should take twist ties and wrap them around the metal parts of the hangers. After that, take an oversized thick garbage bag and put the clothes inside, and secure them well. Then you should take the bag and put the clothes on the heavy-duty clothing rod. Put as many clothes as you can on the clothing rod before you start filling up the rest of the box. And there is a lot of space left, do not worry.

Now it is time to pack your shoes. The best way to pack your shoes is to put them inside a sturdy shopping bag and secure the top with a twist tie. This will make the bag fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with ease. Another way you can pack your shoes is by getting a cellular box. A cellular box is what the name suggests, a box with separate cells. They are usually used to pack wines or other types of liquor.

When you get a cellular box, put one shoe inside one cell, and fill up the whole box like that. See if it can fit the wardrobe box underneath the hanging clothes. If not, pack them separately. However good this may be for the safety of your shoes, it will take up more space than using a sturdy shopping bag and putting it in the wardrobe box.

Labeling the boxes

When you are packing wardrobe for moving, do not forget to label the boxes! Labeling the boxes is an important step in the packing process. This is because it will help you during the unpacking process, and it will also help your Chelsea movers know how to stack the boxes inside the moving truck. Seeing a big box, but then reading “clothes” written on it will signal to them that they should not put that one on the bottom because it is not filled with something heavy and bulky and it may succumb under the pressure of the boxes on top.

Another way to label boxes is to use colored stickers. For example, the red colored sticker should indicate one room, your children’s room for instance, and put only your children’s clothes inside those boxes. Do so with each room and use different colors for each room.

moving supplies nyc
supplies for moving

Moving drawers

When it comes to your drawers, there is no need to empty them. Just take the whole drawer, put it in a garbage bag and take it to the moving truck. Do not forget to tape it to secure the contents inside. After you moved your whole cupboard, you can put the drawers back inside and then tape them so they do not fall out of the cupboard during the move.


Moving is a difficult process and only the strongest of will can make it out without stressing out. However, with these tips, packing wardrobe for moving was never easier! Good luck with your move!

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