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Are you fed up with a plethora of possessions that keep resurfacing out of nowhere? Do you promise yourself every now and then you’ll stop hoarding belongings eventually? And yet you don’t do that. A bunch of stuff lying around is not exactly a creative mess. It’s more of, you know, a mess. As long as you don’t pay any attention to it, it’s fine. However, the problem is how to properly store the sea of possessions you’ve been surrounded with. Actually, let us rephrase that. Has it ever occurred to you all those items will have to be stored at some point? It has, hasn’t it? But, what might have slipped under the radar while looking for top movers NYC is how to pack for summer storage. The good news is here’s a handful of tips on doing it like a pro. Go big or go home, right?

Make a plan

OK, so, you’ve been in the middle of something up till now. All of a sudden, it’s summer and you have no idea what to do with all of your items. I mean, you know it’s time you’ve tidied up. You, my friend, need a plan. What kind of a plan? A good one. An efficient one. The plan that says you mean business.

a pile of moving boxes necessary to pack for summer storage
Pack for summer storage stress-free

Heads up! Here’s what you can do about it: make a list of the scattered belonging. Better yet, take a few pics to get to know your enemy. Then think about how to sort your possessions. Make a group of those that belong together. For example, blankets can match winter garments. Now get down to packing them in suitable moving boxes. To get your hands on a few of those, find out where to buy moving boxes NYC.

Organize your belongings

The best way to tackle summer storage packing is to organize your belongings. Establishing criteria is a good start. To illustrate, you should sort your possessions according to size. This means you should store summer sports equipment first. Bicycles, tennis rackets, you name it. The same goes for sports memorabilia storing. Then, pack beach equipment.

Next, store summer footwear, flip-flops, sandals, and water shoes. It goes without saying you need to deal with packing bikinis. As they are quite delicate, you need to be extra careful when storing them. Wash them prior to it and put in a suitable container before storing it in the very box. A good rule of thumb is to label the boxes along the way so that you unpacking them in a due time is less time-consuming. Fluorescent markers are your allies in this situation.

to pack for summer storage prepare summer clothes, footwear, sun umbrella, a hat,and glasses
Sort your possessions to pack for summer storage flawlessly


Choose adequate packing supplies

Let’s say you have a vague idea about how to prepare your belongings for summer storage. The tricky part is how to, in fact, make it happen. Apart from occasional procrastination here and there, you ought to get a proper tool. By tool, I refer to

  • packing boxes
  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • trash bags
  • plastic bins

Every schoolgirl knows the cornerstone of successful packing for summer storage is choosing adequate packing supplies.

Your belongings are going to be stored for quite some time. Nevertheless, you will use them in a few months. That’s why you need to keep them in pristine condition. To do so, you need to properly preserve them. The easiest way to get it done is to use suitable packing supplies. If you do that, your items will remain intact and good to go in terms of being reused.

Pick a moving container that is most up to your preferences

To pack for summer storage is daunting beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s nerve-racking. Having myriads of items to store can really push your buttons. No wonder you’ve been thinking about a unit large enough to store everything. Speaking of which, renting a moving container is a life-saver. You can choose it based on its dimensions. After all, you can at least roughly estimate how big storage you need to pack everything you want to get rid of temporarily.

Moving containers
Make use of moving containers

What’s more, the price is size-dependent. So, basically, you can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you get to declutter even for a few months while staying within the budget at the same time.

Picking the one that fits your wish-list is an excellent choice as you’re sure your belongings are safe at all time.

Hire a reliable moving company

Typically, storing is one of the services moving companies provide you with for a fee. For this reason, you should do due diligence and opt for reliable moving specialists. Still, you really need to watch your back when trusting movers given the shady ones pull off moving scams periodically.

With this in mind, conduct your own investigation on moving companies you’re considering hiring. Search their basic info online or ask around if anyone you know used their services. Maybe you could filter the search by narrowing it down to senior citizen moving companies, for instance. Also, feel free to use any other parameter when examining any from a wide array of professional moving companies. Once you make up your mind and choose wisely, don’t forget to sign a moving contract. It is one of the basic moving rights you’re entitled to.


First of all, make a plan. It’s some sort of tactic you might benefit from using when it comes to packing. Think about which items could go together. Then, match all the others based on the very same principle. Furthermore, ensure enough packing supplies such as moving boxes of decent size, plastic bins for fragile belongings, and trash bags for soft and bulky ones. Then, come up with a storing solution. Renting a storage facility is your best bet when it comes to value-for-money approach. Odds are renting one will contribute to you tightening the belt. Last, but not least, ponder hiring moving companies just to be on the safe side. And be on the lookout for fraudulent ones. In brief, better safe than sorry.

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