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Calling New York home is a dream of many. An abundance of opportunities and the eclectic atmosphere is what keeps people flocking towards this cultural cocktail. While the majority only have eyes for the NYC, we believe that the rest of this state has an abundance to offer as well. It is safe to say that anyone can find their place in NY, and make a life fitting to their dreams, as long as they work hard for it. In order to begin your chase for that New York dream, it’s best that you get there first. The initial location won’t matter as much since it will almost certainly change rapidly. With the help of best movers NYC, it will also be done with great efficiency. Still, with the idea of making it here, let’s see which are the most affordable locations in NY. They ought to provide you with a good start towards your ultimate goal.

Abba’s favorite of the most affordable locations in NY

Well, perhaps not, but it does share the name with their second studio album (the first that was released internationally). And, no, it’s not the same place they are referring to, but a name is a name. Be that as it may, Waterloo (the one in NY) is a great place for anyone with a low budget. It has been the most affordable location in NY for two years in a row now. Having that the median income for Waterloo residents stands at $52,000, it does not come as hard to understand why this city also grabs the first place in terms of home price to income ratio. Money aside, calling Waterloo your home means that you will have an abundance of historical sites to visit, as well as some fine wineries and restaurants.

An aerial view of NYC
Although NYC is the place most people gravitate too, the rest of the New York state has a lot to offer as well.

Not just the affordability, but the pizza as well

Is what you’ll get if you move to Ilion. The former being our claim, and the latter one of the residents’. Being the second most affordable location in NY is surely a valuable feature. However, we find quality pizza to be one of the highest-ranking reasons for moving to a certain place. Some of the more elite NYC neighborhoods we believe are worth settling in also have a plethora of pizza options for you to explore and enjoy. Getting back on the subject of Ilion, they’re the 3rd most affordable city in terms of home price to income ratio (according to our calculations). Jobs are also easy to come by, especially in healthcare, logistics, and engineering. The median income in Ilion is $44,813, while the median home value is $77,800 for 2019.

A city with a strong economy

Third on our list and third when it comes to most affordable cities in NY, Hornell is a rather pleasant place to live in. Unlike some risky NYC neighborhoods you ought to steer clear from, Hornell is a very safe place where you can raise a family with a peace of mind. When it comes to home price to income ratio, Hornell comes in at a second place. Such affordability does not surprise the people who are familiar with the city’s strong economy. Jobs in manufacturing, healthcare, and waste management are aplenty, making the median income of $40,400. For comparison, a median home value is $66,200 for 2019.

A pizza looking good
If one of the most affordable locations in NY also has mesmerizing pizza, what other reasons are you looking for in order to move there?

Better to buy than to rent

As you travel towards the Canadian border, you will come across our fourth most affordable city in New York named Ogdensburg. It might not be as close to storage space Manhattan you were eyeing, but it’s still fairly near. The residents don’t seem to complain, so we deem it a place worth your attention. Ogdensburg has bettered its rent to income ratio, making the decision to buy a place superior to the one where you rent. Many regard this place as the number one city to retire in New York. It’s no wonder. Besides being safe and affordable, the city’s atmosphere is rather welcoming and warm. The median income comes in at $38,901, followed by the median home value at $68,100 for 2019.

New York’s poster city for affordability

Taking the fifth place of our most affordable locations in NY is the city of Olean. The math here is simple: Olean has exceptional education. This kind of schooling is followed by lucrative jobs that pay nicely. Such is Olean. New York’s poster city for affordability, housing, and safety. A true gem to settle in, and start a family. If life ever gets too boring, you can consider some self-remodeling ideas and freshen up your interior a bit. What makes Olean the 10th most affordable city for the home price to income ratio are the following numbers: $77,600 for the median home value, and $40,291 for the median income.

A young family
If aspiring to start a family, focus on the cities that are both affordable and safe.

More than meets the eye

Coming in strong as our sixth most affordable city is a place called Medina. Just before you start browsing through Amazon for cheap Arab dictionaries, it is not the Saudi Arabian Medina we are referring to. We are rather thinking about the one in NY. Surprised? Anyways, this cool place is both affordable and rather strong when it comes to the economy. Agriculture and sandstone have made the city into such a delight, putting it on the fifth place when it comes to home price to income ratio. The former comes at a value of $71,300, while the latter is $39,741. Perhaps growing fruit and carving sandstone does not sound as enticing to you, and that’s perfectly fine. The affordable Medina has more than meets the eye. Word around town is that ”The Jewel of the Erie Canal” are always looking for canal boat guides, so we recommend giving that a shot.

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