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Do you need to move? Then, you should hire a moving company. However, when you contact Divine Moving and Storage company, they will give you an estimate. Do you know the difference between binding estimate, non-binding estimate, and binding not-to-exceed estimate? If you are not familiar with moving terms, you might not know which one would be best for your relocation. For this reason, here are all the types of moving estimates in NYC explained. It is important to know everything about estimates since you can actually save a lot of money. This is also a useful way to tell if a moving company is fraudulent or not.  

Definition of moving estimates in NYC explained 

When you contact local movers NYC for the first time, you should ask for an estimate. Movers need to estimate the size of your household before you sign a contract. For this reason, they should come to your house and check everything that you plan to move. This is a good way to prepare for your upcoming move. As you might know, it can be quite expensive to move your household so you need time to prepare your moving budget. In addition to this, when you receive a contract from your movers, they should be very clear about the type of estimate they used. This should be attached to your Bill of Lading and usually, it has the following information. 

  • The name and address of your movers 
  • The tariff cost 
  • Minimum weight and estimated weight 
  • Discounts applied 
  • Services used 
  • Transportation charges 
  • Insurance 
person holding a pen
You should see that your estimate has all the information

Non-binding type 

The first type of estimate that you should know would be a non-binding one. When the movers first come to do your estimate, they will give you the number based on your current number of items. However, this can easily change once your moving day approaches. This can be both advantage and disadvantage. If you decided you’re going to move fewer items, you will pay less as well. On the other hand, if the size of your household becomes bigger, you will pay more. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t opt for a non-binding estimate. It can easily change which can be a huge problem if you are moving on a budget. For this reason, when you’re searching for Queens movers, ask them about this type of estimate. Usually, fraudulent movers will only insist on a non-binding type because they can easily change the price. 

Moving estimates in NYC explained – binding estimate 

The second most common type would be the opposite of a non-binding estimate, a binding one. When you opt for the binding one, the price will not change. This means that the first estimate that the movers will give you before your contract would be your last one as well. This is really convenient for people who cannot afford to add more money to their moving budget. For this reason, when you are about to hire moving companies Astoria, you should ask them for a binding estimate. Since the original quote cannot be changed, you should get estimates from at least three to five companies to pick the most affordable one. However, this also means that you can’t add more items to your relocation. If you decide to add more items, and your binding estimate will be made or this one will be converted into a non-binding estimate. 

boxes against the wall
The price won’t change with a binding estimate even if the boxes’ weight is different

Binding Not-To-Exceed type 

The most popular type of estimate among customers would be a binding not-to-exceed estimate. It is especially useful if you are doing interstate or long-distance moves. It is quite similar to a binding estimate but if the weight of the customer’s final shipment exceeds the original estimate, the price won’t be changed. You will be paying exactly the amount that was originally quoted. In addition to this, if the shipment weighs less than the original, you will pay less. This means you get positive aspects of both binding and non-binding estimates. It might happen that you will pay less but you won’t pay more in any case. The biggest problem with this type of estimate would be its availability. not every moving company offers this type of estimate. It might be beneficial for you as a customer but not so much for moving companies. 

Moving estimates in NYC explained – How to prepare? 

You should also know how to properly prepare for an estimate. As mentioned, before you sign your moving contract, representatives from a moving company should come to your house and make a quote. Based on this quote, they will give you an estimate. In order to prepare well and get the most accurate estimate, you should decide the exact items you plan to move. For this reason, it is important to declutter your items and show movers only the ones that you’re planning to relocate. As for your decluttered items, you have several options. You can either donate them to charities close to you, try to sell them, give them to your friends and family, or simply throw them away. Mind you, you can find a way to dispose of your items after the estimate as well full stuff just make sure to tell your movers. 

woman with two kids on the bed
See what you want to move before movers come

What to do? 

Getting an estimate is an essential part of every relocation. For this reason, it is important to understand all the different types of moving estimates. Now that you have all the types of moving estimates in NYC explained, you can see which one is the most suitable for you. In addition to this, even based on an estimate, you can see whether one moving company is reliable or not. If movies keep insisting on only offering a non-binding estimate, then you should definitely search for another moving company. If they’re willing to offer different types, then, you should definitely hire that one. However, make sure that you also receive a copy of your moving estimate. It is important to have all the moving documents printed to keep them close to you during relocation. 


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