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Picking a neighborhood in NYC to settle in surely isn’t easy. You will find diverse communities full of culture, parks, and museums all around the place. Regardless if you want a laid-back area or the true hustle and bustle of NYC, you’ll find a fitting place. There are plenty of resurging family-friendly neighborhoods offering excitement and a chance to make lifelong memories. You can reach all of this with the help of reliable Queens movers, of course. To help you on this journey, we’ve put together a short list of neighborhoods in which families with small children choose to live in NYC. Of course, this isn’t everything that the beautiful New York City has to offer, but it is a great start!

Carroll Gardens is perfect for NYC families with small children

If you are looking for a quaint neighborhood, with lush greenery, historic brownstone buildings, and plenty of eateries, then look no further than Carroll Gardens. This charming neighborhood is perfect for young kids, so don’t hesitate to contact Chelsea moving company and start packing!

aerial shot of Central Park NYC
NYC is full of neighborhoods perfect for families with small children!

Families with small children choose to live in NYC because it offers loads of activities for the young ones. One such place is the Brooklyn Strategist, where you can introduce your kids to board games and some friendly competition. Once they get tired of playing, you can take them to the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, famous for its old-school egg creams and sundaes. New parents will have a blast shopping for baby clothes and gear at the Sprouts store. Carrol Gardens is the perfect place for your young ones to grow up and thrive!

There’s no better eating than in Harlem

While roaming through NYC, you’ll be glad that you ventured uptown and found yourself in Harlem. This neighborhood is very close to some amazing NYC attractions such as the Marcus Garvey Park and the Cloisters. However, one thing that makes it popular with NYC families with small children is the amazing food. Your kids won’t be able to resist a delicious burger at the Harlem Shake, or a delicious dish at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Once our skilled local movers safely relocate you, you can take your kids for a learning adventure at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling. If your children are still learning to read, take them to the Word Up bookstore and have some literary fun.

main street in Upper East Side NYC
Tranquility, nature, and history. The Upper East Side has it all!

Astoria is a kid-friendly neighborhood with a progressive vibe

Ask the families of NYC what the best place to raise children in is, and they will probably all say – Queens! Astoria in particular doesn’t have Manhattan’s skyscrapers or Brooklyn’s hipster aura, and that is exactly why parents love it. Queens is full of progressive schools, and countless public parks and playgrounds. It truly is a welcoming spot for families with small children, without trying too hard to be kid-centric. Astoria Park offers a massive public pool, perfect for cooling off after a moving adventure with Astoria movers. In Jackson Heights, you can find the beautiful Travers Park and various restaurants with Indian, Colombian, and Mexican foods. If you’re looking for a progressive and culturally diverse neighborhood, then Astoria is the place for you!

Many families with small children choose to live in NYC’s Upper West Side

Take a walk through this area spanning from 59th and 100th Street, and you’ll notice that strollers rule the sidewalk. The streets are quiet, filled with trees and elegant pre-war buildings. In addition, many iconic institutions are within walking distance. Take a short walk, and you’ll find the American Museum of Natural History, the Lincoln Center, and the New-York Historical Society. With that said, it’s no surprise that so many families with small children choose to live in NYC’s Upper West Side. The schools are excellent, the subway is very accessible, and you can find good entertainment, restaurants, and libraries at nearly every corner. Upper West Side truly is the perfect mix of tranquil, urban, and historical.


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