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Do you want to change something about your house? How you recently moved and you are not happy with the current state of your house? Then before Divine moving and storage company deliver your items, you need this time to renovate. You know that renovation is a full-time job where you need to keep eyes on your possession and on contractors. However, if you cannot be present all the time during renovations, you need to find a way to protect your valuable items. For this reason, here are all the places where you can keep your valuable possessions while renovating your Long Island property. 

Portable storage or self-storage 

The first thing to consider would be portable storage on site. Usually, moving companies Long Island should have portable storage. For this reason, make sure to contact one to see if you rent one of these. Why is portable storage a good option? The company will deliver your portable storage to your address and it will stay in your front yard or backyard for as long as you pay for it. Your valuable possessions will be close to you and they will be well protected inside. Do not forget that you are going to be the only one with access to your items. 

However, if you do not have enough space in your front yard or you’re living in the building, then renting portable storage is not an option for you. You should then opt for short term storage Manhattan. You probably know how storage units work. You rent a storage unit where you can keep your items for some period of time. When compared to portable storage, you will need to transport your valuable items to your storage unit. 

use pink storage units when renovating your Long Island property
You can always rent a storage unit

How to keep your property safe when renovating your Long Island property? 

You should also keep your property safe when doing renovations. First of all, you should change the locks. If you have one key for every room in your household, you should change one lock. You can keep all your valuable items in this particular room. If you still like the idea of renting green storage, then you do not have to change locks in your house. 

However, if you feel like changing your locks is not enough, then here are all the situations for keeping your house safe. 

  • Keep your front yard clean – do not keep tools and materials outside your home, especially when you’re not there. 
  • Motion sensor lights – You can also install motion sensor lights because they can discourage anyone from approaching. 
  • Update your security system – you can talk to your provider and see how you can update or modify your security system during renovations. 
people renovating a house
Update your house security when renovating your property

Hire reliable contractors 

The best way to keep your valuable possessions safe while renovating your Long Island property would be to hire reliable contractors. This means checking the credentials of your contractors before you hand them the keys to your property. You can also ask for references and memberships. 


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