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There are many things to take care of when moving an office, from researching moving companies NYC and finding a good one. To prepare all the office equipment for transportation and notify your employees. And one of the most important things to do is notify everyone about the relocation of your business. It is essential to do this properly and in time so they have time to take care of everything on their side. This is especially important for your clients. This way you won’t create any problems for yourself later, or for example, lose clients. There are many people, organizations, and sometimes even government agencies you have to notify before moving your office to NYC. So make sure that you put that on the list of things to take care of when moving your office. Here is who you should notify before moving your office.

Notify your employees before moving your office in NYC

The first people that need to be told about the relocation are the employees. You need to give them enough time to prepare for the move. Both in their personal life and at work too. You need to coordinate with them so that they know what they can work on and on what timeline. That way you are going to ensure that there is minimal disruption in the business during the move. And they are going to have enough time to properly prepare for the relocation of your office. Even if you end up having an emergency moving make sure that they are the first to hear about it. You can get a lot of valuable help when moving an office from your employees. And that’s another reason why it’s best to let them know first.

Woman holding a meeting so that she can notify the employees before moving her office in NYC
Put aside the time to make a meeting and let the employees know about the relocation and all the details of it

No matter how hard the move is, keep in mind that it’s worth it

Before delving into the details of moving and what has to be done. Make sure that you keep the end goal in mind. It will make the relocation easier. New York City is one of the best cities in the world to run a business. Whatever kind of business you have you can easily find clients among the 8.468 million people that the city has. And with such huge diversity between boroughs and neighborhoods, you can find one that suits your business the most. And you can also easily find reliable office movers in any part of the city too. Those movers are going to know how to navigate that part of the city efficiently and safely. And you should research the part of the city where your business is going to be. So that you can know what to expect, especially when it comes to competition.

Notify the United States Postal Service

Despite seeming obvious a lot of people forget to do this during the chaos of office relocation. Or they do it long after the move, which is a bad idea. It is one of the most important places where you need to change your address. And you shouldn’t neglect to do it. Whether you are looking for storage space Manhattan or buying new furniture for the office. Make sure that you put aside time to take care of this.  This way you will make sure that you receive all the mail. And not getting important mail can cause you a lot of trouble down the road. That’s why it’s important to take care of this when relocating your office to NYC.

Man having a phone call in front of a laptop
Make sure that you update the USPS about your relocation

Update the website and other places

It is important to update your website and all the other listings with the new addresses of your business. Having non-consistent information can cause you problems with clients. And you might lose some, and not get new clients that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Because not having a consistent address everywhere would make your business look unprofessional and disorganized. And it would also impact your local ranking. So make sure that you promptly update all the locations where the address of your business is listed, places like:

  • Your social media
  • Website
  • Local listings

Make sure that you notify the IT department before moving your office in NYC

The IT department is going to have a lot of work to do before and after the move. From preparing all the computers and your businesses infrastructure for the move. And preparing the new office space for all the computers and the office equipment. If you want to have an efficient move with minimal disruption in the business, then you need to coordinate the move well with the IT department. And make sure that they have all the resources that they need. For example, they might need inventory storage or additional resources to ensure the stability of the internet connection in your new office. And to take care of maintenance of all the office equipment.

Photo of people sitting at table with laptops and having a meeting
It is important to coordinate the move well with your IT department to ensure efficient and trouble-free relocation

Let the Internal Revenues System know about the relocation too

You need to let know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about your relocation immediately. And need to ensure that the federal tax documentation always arrives at the right address. And that you keep your tax information current, the last thing you want is to get into trouble with the IRS. That is why they are the first you should notify before moving your office in NYC. So make sure that this is one of your biggest priorities when planning your office relocation. And make sure that you do it as soon as possible. To change your address with the Internal Revenue Service you need to fill out a form. And then mail it to the address in the form. You can find the form on their official website. And then make sure that they received the form and that the change has been made.

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