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Moving during the winter is not easy. You are dealing with the extremes of the cold temperature and the holidays. We understand how annoying moving during the holidays could be, but sometimes there is no way around the fact that it has to be done. We already gave you some tips for moving during the fall and to continue with this tradition we are going to leave you with some tips that will help you during a frosty move.

Tips for Moving During the Cold

These tips should help ensure a swift and efficient move. If Santa could maneuver through the snow with his reindeer, then moving through the snow with a moving truck should be no problem!

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Central Park in the snow. Manhattan, New York City

1. Make sure to stay up to date on the weather. Remembering the forecast and staying up to date with impending storms is very important. During the move you could get caught up in the whole process that you may not be paying attention to an impending storm or inclement weather heading your way. You don’t want to be stuck moving out of your old or into a new place during a snowstorm. Make sure to check the forecast for a couple of days with no precipitation to avoid the hazards that could come with snow.

2. Have the necessities. The winter weather is very unpredictable, anything can happen at any given moment. It’s always important to have snow/winter gear and supplies on hand in case of snow. A good idea would be to have salt and shovels with you in case it does start snowing. To keep the holiday spirit up for yourself or your movers having hot chocolate on hand could be a real treat and break from the cold conditions.

3. Shovel or plow any existing snow. Trying to move with snow on the ground could become a huge damper to your progress and create unsatisfactory moving conditions. Have the spot already plowed and shoveled before the movers get there.

4. Make sure to cover the carpets and flooring. This goes for both moving out of your old location and into a new location. There is nothing you would hate more than to have your brand new carpets covered in dirt, slush or mud. Covering your carpet with cardboard and tiles/hardwood with plastic sheeting would be a good idea.

5. Make sure to have heat and lights in the new location. Nothing will ruin the move more than arriving at the new location and finding out that the utilities haven’t been setup. Make sure to check with a real estate agent a couple days before the move to make sure that all utilities are working and that the place is move-in ready. Trying to move with no utilities, especially during the winter could be a real unpleasant experience.

A Winter Move with Divine Moving

The whole thing with moving during the winter is that you want it to be as stress-free as possible. If you are in the New York City area and want to organize a stress free and painless winter move then Divine Moving are the NYC movers for you. For a free quote or more information give us a call at 212-244-4011 or get a free quote over here.

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