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When you run your own business, it is always a goal to expand your company to another location. This is a perfect reason for you to move your business. Sometimes, your rent may have increased so you have to find another office. Other times, you might want to move your office because there is a higher demand for your services or products in another part of the city. Whatever the reason might be, it is time to organize your relocation with commercial movers Manhattan. As you might know, moving is not only transporting your items from one address to another. You have to gather and organize a lot of documents. For this reason, here is a guide to completing the paperwork when relocating your business. 

Decluttering documents in your office  

You should start by decluttering all the documents that you have in your office before you get in touch with one of the moving companies NYC. In general, you should not keep documents past their expiration date. Contracts are valid for six years while deeds and auditory reports are permanent. Then, bank deposit slips, canceled checks, contracts, employee reports, and invoices for purchases are all valid for four years. Financial statements are permanent while time cards are valid for four years. In addition to this, accident reports are valid for six years while claims after settlement are valid for 10 years. Safety reports and personnel files are valid for eight years while export declarations are valid for four years. Lastly, tax returns our permanent. It is unnecessary to keep thousands of outdated paperwork in your office. after all, it is going to be more expensive to pay for their transport as opposed to decluttering them. 

completing the paperwork when relocating your business on the table
You should first organize documents in your office

Get yourself a copy of the moving estimate 

The first important document that you should get would be a moving estimate. Generally speaking, a moving estimate should include transportation charges, all the services used, labor, insurance, inventory storage NYC, and so on. Before you sign a contract, there are three types of estimates that you can use for your relocation. First, you have a non-binding estimate that is subject to change depending on the final weight of your relocation. Then, there is a binding estimate that has a fixed price that cannot be adjusted later. Additionally, there is a binding not to exceed estimate which is the most customer-friendly out of the three. In this case, if your final shipment is heavier than the original estimate, you won’t be charged for the additional cost. on the other hand, if your shipment is lighter than the original, you will pay for the actual cost of shipping. 

Bill of lading, order for service, and inventory documentation 

When you are moving your business, the bill of lading will be the most important document you will receive from your movers. This document is actually a contract between you and your chosen moving company. The bill of lading should be the same as the one of the order for service. This document should contain all your personal information, moving great, destination, insurance, moving date, movers’ information, and so on. Make sure that all the information written here is correct. As mentioned, you will also receive the order for service. This is also an important document and it will be attached to your bill of lading. Together with your mover, you need to sign the order for service. In addition to this, once your movers evaluate your inventory, they will give you inventory documentation. Keep it together with the rest of your moving documents. 

person signing a document
Completing the paperwork when relocating your business by signing a moving contract

Completing the paperwork when relocating your business with more documents 

There are more documents that you need to gather during your relocation. Make sure they have copies of all the important documents in case something happens. They are the following. 

  • A document of your rights and responsibilities – as a client, you have the rights and responsibilities that you need to fulfill during your relocation. This is an important document since you will know what you can expect and what you need to do during your relocation. 
  • Liability documents – movers should also provide you with an explanation of liability options. 
  • Statement of services – this is a document that you will receive after the delivery of your items it should include the final cost of your shipment. 
  • IRS Tax Deduction Forms – If you are also moving together with your business, you can claim moving expense deductions if you use IRS form 3903. 

Changing the address of your business 

If you have any local, state, or even federal licenses or permits, you should change the address with a suitable agency. On the other hand, for the Internal Revenue Service, you must complete Form 8822-Change of Address (Part II). Then, if you are moving within your state, you should notify the secretary of state. They should be able to tell you if you need to get more documents or not. Then, you should notify the state Department of Revenue about your new address. You also need to contact the locality and the county where you are currently doing your business. On the other hand, if you are moving to a new state, then you have to register your business with your new state through the state secretary of the business division. Do not forget to cancel all the state licenses or permits of your old address. 

sign that says accepted
You need to change your address

Moving your business 

As you can see, there are a lot of documents that you need to collect for your relocation. when you are completing the paperwork when relocating your business, it is important to stay well organized. For this reason, you should get a binder dedicated only to your moving documents. This way, you will not misplace or lose any of these important documents during your relocation. Do not forget to make additional copies in case something does happen to the originals. Lastly, it is important to understand all the documents related to your moving process. Ask your movers if something needs more clarification. 


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